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11:00 am

Welcome to Markets Live

Seems I wasn’t fired yesterday, since I’m here today

11:01 am

And yes, I was at a Reuters training session

You know ive been using Reuters for 20 years or more

But that was the first time anyone showed me how to use the terminal

11:01 am

It was informative

But since I was off yesterday…

11:02 am

1. I missed this big LVMH story

2. I wasn’t able to share photos of Swaito’s funeral

From Monday you might remember that my night watch in Moz died

11:02 am

He was a HUGE local star

His real name was Vasco, but his stage name was Swaito

Here’s his funeral

11:03 am

11:03 am

See what I mean? Huge occasion

V sad, but that’s that.


11:04 am

So to markets

And all the French excitement seems to be over

Back to flat

11:04 am

Index wise

Pretty flat across all of Europe

What have we got Bryce?

11:05 am

A bunch of trading statements i see

And people like Perloff doing his annual ramble

Don’t worry, I’m not going to start sharing that

11:06 am

Yeah, we have the usual slew

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