Markets Live: Thursday, 22nd June, 2017

Markets Live: Thursday, 22nd June, 2017
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11:00 am

Good morning

Yeah, I’m back

But I’m aware I’m really not needed

11:01 am

Bryce — you pretty much handled ML all by yourself — for a month!

And it was brilliant — the transcripts I read

11:01 am

But seriously…

What’d I miss?

11:02 am

Mayhem, clearly

Not sure where to go here, immediately

Still catching up

11:02 am

Like Trump, who has come up with the idea of a solar wall

He clearly doesn’t read Alphaville

11:03 am

Otherwise he would have read Bryce on the subject

That’s a very funny read

11:03 am

Even if it was painful for you Bryce

To be fair, he’s very welcome to question my working. I’d imagine a Wharton graduate would approach the calculations with more exactitude than I.

It’s worth reiterating the point, though, that very few people live near the (north side) of the wall and the US doesn’t have the means to push power over long distances, which’d take a humongous investment to fix.

11:06 am

You could build a wall on all four sides of the US for the cost of a few power lines attaching Texas to Ohio.

Anyway, yes, there’s that.

11:06 am


But let’s more to the real world

Footsie off 33 points

11:07 am

It’s been a bit worse earlier today

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