Markets Live: Thursday, 20th April, 2017

By Paul Murphy Apr 20, 2017 5:59 AM EDT

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10:59 am

Welcome to Markets Live

I’ve got a bit of Japanese seasoning in my eye, so you’ll have to give me a minute

11:00 am

Actually, you can have a minute of Trump

You know we only share Trump tweets now when they are truly extraordinary

11:01 am

If you watch that with the sound off it’s like a take on Kim Jong-Un

With the volume on it’s just laugh out loud stupid

But let’s press on with market stuff

11:01 am

US market stuff

These letters — Kleinfeld / Elliott

11:02 am

Read from the bottom up

Actually, let me get a screen grad to save you clicking

11:03 am

If yo ucan’t read that, just click the link above

Cost Kleinfeld his job, of course.

11:04 am

Extraordinary, tho

Btw, that site is the Elliott proxy site — not Arconic

Okay, here’s my response to reading the above: Klaus was naive and Elliott were Elliott.

11:05 am

Klaus was naive because he seemed to have forgotten, or disregarded, that Elliott is Elliott. They’ll use anything against you as leverage if there’s a dime in it.

But the letter reads drunk — and yet it was couriered round. ie he had time to sober up

11:06 am

I’d quite like to live in a world where you can send your bette noir a heavily sarcastic letter

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