Markets Live: Thursday, 11th May, 2017

Markets Live: Thursday, 11th May, 2017
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Welcome to Markets Live

No need to thanks us.

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When was that?

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We explained then that all the kids were dropping use of Snap

11:03 am

This was not a float, it was effectively a nationalisation

Cos Snap couldnt sell itself to Facebook

And now look at the price

11:03 am

You’d think a few of analysts following this thing would have the good grace to throw in the towel

11:04 am

William Blair

Cost of Revenue Leverage and Growing Engagement Is Encouraging Despite Mixed First-Quarter Results

Moreover, we still believe Snap is at an early stage in its monetization ramp and can gain share in a rapidly growing video and social advertising market. During the quarter, the company also noted increased engagement with the app and pointed to positive signs that its API initiative is starting to gain traction. Over 20% of impressions served came from the API, which,in our view,is a positive metric given the product is just six months into release.

11:05 am

Mixed First Quarter, But Maintain Buy Rating

Credit Suisse

11:05 am

The Long-Term Investment Thesis Is Not an Ephemeral Thing


Goldman Sachs

11:06 am

1Q: DAU net adds accelerate as engagement increases; remain Buy

I’ll stop there

Okay, you know my views here. You

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