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Maker Price at $2488.40 after 8% Gains – How to Buy MKR

The crypto market has been facing turbulences over the weekend since the Friday announcement by China that triggered FUD. However, some coins have been making slight gains, leading to recoveries after major dips on Friday. Maker is among the leading gainers in the past 24 hours.

Maker is trading at $2488.40 at the time of writing after an 8% gain in 24 hours.

Maker Price Analysis

Maker Price Analysis Spe 26
Source: Tradingview

Maker has been experiencing major volatility levels over the past week. This volatility has been caused by weakening support from the broader market. However, the past 24 hours have been great for the coin, as it has managed to make some slight gains.

If Maker continues to garner buying support, it could push to the next major resistance level of $2500. This support is yet to be achieved, but we could see the coin pushing towards these levels and beyond if market support kicks in. The resistance of $2550 and $2600 will also be achieved if the entire market shifts towards the green zone.

On the other hand, we could also see the MKR going towards lower levels. If this happens, the coin will push towards the lower support level of $2450. Going towards $2300 is also possible, as the coin has retested this support in the past 24 hours. Before the current gains, MKR was trading at around $2200, and these levels could be reached again if selling pressure kicks in.

The Maker DAO protocol has become a major name in the crypto sector because of its focus on decentralized finance. In recent months, the DeFi sector has boomed, and as one of the largest networks in this sector, the MKR coin has greatly benefited from this.  If the network attracts more DeFi developers looking towards lending and borrowing, the MKR coin will head to major gains.

Where to Buy Maker

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