Would you like to protect your privacy and increase security when you are on the Internet? there is one option – Mysterium network

By InsideBitcoins Sep 24, 2017 12:00 PM EDT

Blockchain-based VPN network for internet connection. The Mysterium platform is designed so that users who using the network and want to share their spare bandwidth to the network, will be able to earn extra money (Myst tokens).

Many people tend to associate anonymity with criminal activity, but that is misleading. For example, one good reason can be to safeguard to corporate espionage and another when you travel across the world, in some countries is content blocked and you can not access to social media or email.

Recently in the U.S. has seen a huge surge in demand for VPN services as people seek to restore their privacy due to reversed a set of important consumer protection rights. Moreover, these data are obtained by ISPs are sold to third parties for advertising purposes and who knows what else

It can be expected that the demand for decentralized access to the network will increase. This trend is confirmed by the numbers from the markets. The use of VPN providers and Ad Block software grows every year.

how will the cost of the service provided within the Mysterium network be defined?

The cost will be defined by the node operators, by means of ‘perfect competition.’

Perfect competition should ensure that the cost of using VPNs is lower than that of traditional VPN providers.

Myst tokens are currently traded on two stock exchanges. One of them is the smaller name of Liqui and the other known Bittrex. In the last week, we have seen increased volatility and the price is in the range of 0.0002 – 0.0003 Myst / Btc. We can also observe several times bigger the volume.

investors seem to cumulate the tokens in anticipation of new reports from a developer team that has expanded over the last few weeks to help speed up the overall project



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