Let’s Talk Bitcoin! #348 The Firedrill and the Flame

By adam@letstalkbitcoin.com The LTB Network Nov 12, 2017 12:08 PM EDT

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On Todays Episode of Let’s Talk Bitcoin, Stephanie Murphy, Andreas Antonopoulos and Jonathan Mohan sit down with Adam B. Levine to discuss…

Segwit 2x is dead. What was it really, and what does this mean?Bitcoin Cash’s Emerging ConsensusGenesis Chains and the Bitcoin Protestant TestThe Promise and Reality of Limitless Smart ContractsUncensorable Systems and Used Underwear VendorsWill Proof of Stake make Ethereum Rollbacks easier or harder?What Andreas recommends to clients about Ethereum Multisig

This episode was edited by Matthew Zipkin, featuring music by Jared Rubens and The New Time. This episode was sponsored by EasyDNS.com

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