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Following the momentum of its enterprise-grade blockchain platform Fabric, Hyperledger is ready to target yet another blockchain project. Burrow, a project proposed by engineers at Monax and Intel, was approved by the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee (TSC) and is currently under development.

Hyperledger as an open-source collaborative effort populated by various members and companies has a unique approach toward approving blockchain projects and proposals. When a codebase is first submitted to Hyperledger for review, TSC must approve it using a fixed set of criteria which includes adaptability, flexibility, security, viability and functionality.

As Hyperledger executive director Brian Behlendorf explained:

“The exit criteria by which projects are evaluated in order to graduate from Incubation include legal compliance, community support, test coverage and continuous integration support, documentation, architectural alignment, published releases, and infrastructure support for such things as requirements and defect tracking, code reviews, continuous integration testing and more.”

Burrow is an Ethereum-derived codebase inspired by a technology called eris-db developed and open sourced by Monax in 2014. The project was proposed by Intel and Monax to offer a smart contract-based platform for commercial companies and organizations to utilize.

Relying on Ethereum’s strong development framework and flexible ecosystem for decentralized applications, Behlendorf explained that Burrow would provide a necessary infrastructure for companies and members of Hyperledger looking to utilize blockchain-based smart contracts for commercial operations.

Behlendorf further emphasized that Hyperledger and its solutions should not be considered as competitors of Ethereum. In fact, the TSC’s approval of an Ethereum-derived project should send a strong message to both Hyperledger and Ethereum communities regarding the Hyperledger team’s open vision of development.

“First, and foremost, having an Ethereum-derived project under the Hyperledger umbrella should send a strong message that any positioning of the Hyperledger and Ethereum communities as competitive is incorrect. Being able

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