How You Can Use Tiberius Coin to Combat Volatility, Inflation, and to Trade Commodities

How You Can Use Tiberius Coin to Combat Volatility, Inflation, and to Trade Commodities
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Cryptocurrencies are changing the way we interact with modern financial tools. Many people flip them for some extra cash, invest for the long-term, or just have an interest in the blockchain and the technology as a whole.

With cryptocurrencies constantly evolving, new uses for the blockchain are always being discovered. Whether you want to use them to reduce the effects of volatility, to overcome high inflation rates, or as a simplified way to trade commodities. It was for these three reasons that we created Tiberius Coin in the first place.

When you invest in Tiberius Coin, you are investing in a token that has a legitimate intrinsic value. Where other tokens are worth whatever value the market assigns them, Tiberius Coin is backed by physical metal. That means your token can never hit zero.

You read that right, NEVER.

So, while other crypto traders are panicking every time Bitcoin sheds another 15%, you can sleep easy knowing that price changes in your token are stable.

In this article, we are going to show you why Tiberius Coin is a better choice, and why you should include it in your cryptocurrency portfolio.

No More Extreme Volatility

Do you consider yourself to be an avid cryptocurrency investor or trader? If you are, you’ve definitely had a few encounters with volatility. Bitcoin alone has dropped more than 60% since its highs in Q1 2018.

You like to make money right?

No doubt you enjoyed watching Bitcoin hit all-time highs in December. But that kind of growth isn’t sustainable and the nosedive in price should show that. When markets are unpredictable, volatility rises. This may lead to you making huge gains, but volatility is a double-edged sword. If something is volatile, it can, in theory, go up or down.

Volatility clearly increased in November and December, leading to a swell in Bitcoin’s price. Still, that same volatility led to a massive sell-off, making those all-time highs seem like nothing but a distant dream.

Tiberius Coin doesn’t have this problem.

You’re probably wondering why. The answer is really simple. The metals markets are larger than the entire cryptocurrency market combined. These same metals also have real-world uses. Everything from the cars we drive to the computers we use requires metal.

We decided to take advantage of this when we created Tiberius Coin. Not only does Tiberius Coin provide you with access to the cryptocurrency markets, but it does so by giving you instant access to the massive metal markets.

Even better, we handpicked several extremely profitable plays in the process. You see, each Tiberius Coin provides you with access to:

  • Tech metals
  • Electric vehicle and battery metals
  • Stability metals

So, the next time you see Bitcoin crashing and dragging the crypto markets down, you won’t have to worry. Because while Bitcoins can evaporate, the metals markets and the exponentially growing demand for tech metals isn’t going anywhere.

Beat Inflation Every Year

Your money loses value every year from inflation. If you live in a western country, inflation is fairly predictable and can be beaten with solid investments. However, if you live in an unstable region, like certain countries in South America, inflation can devastate your life savings in no time. Need proof? Just look at Venezuela, Argentina, and other countries in that region that are rocked by high inflation rates.

When you leave your money in a bank account, you lose to inflation every year.

That isn’t the case with Tiberius Coin.

Because each Tiberius Coin is pegged to the value of the metals that back it, you always beat inflation. How? Metal prices rise when product prices rise. That’s just simple economics. Even in the worst market, you will always beat predictable inflation rates.

And if we enter another tech supercycle? You stand to make a lot of money as metal prices will drastically rise to compensate for increased demand.

Tiberius Coin was designed to help individuals avoid losing their hard-earned money to inflation. It’s not fair that you work your entire life only to have your savings wiped out because inflation rates suddenly rise.

By storing your wealth in Tiberius Coins, you no longer have to worry about radical governments destroying your wealth because the metal markets are global.

Start Trading Commodities

Have you ever tried to trade commodities? It’s no easy task getting started.

The process goes something like this:

  • You need to create an account with a bank that offers future tradings
  • To get approved, you will need to pass KYC and AML checks using valid ID, a social security number (or similar), and other documents to verify your identity.
  • Most banks require at least $10,000 USD to even get started.
  • Once you start trading, small movements can quickly wipe that $10,000 out.

There are far too many barriers to entry. Commodities trading is something that we believe should be accessible to all.

With Tiberius Coin, you can trade physical metals because each token can be redeemed for the metal it’s backed by. While you may not be interested in receiving a dump truck full of nickel, copper, aluminum, and other metals, large companies and commodities trading firms are. The simple fact that a Tiberius Coin can do this, makes it a valuable commodities trading tool.

Instead of needing $10,000 USD to get started, you can trade Tiberius Coins for as little as $100. That’s a huge difference and it comes with far fewer risks because you aren’t trading massive futures contracts that can quickly blow up your account.

When you’re just learning, it’s easy to make huge mistakes. Tiberius Coin lets you try commodities trading on your own terms.

One Token – Many Applications

And there you have it. Tiberius Coin provides you with all the tools you need to overcome volatility, inflation, and to trade commodities.

No cryptocurrency offers this much utility. It simply doesn’t exist. If you’re looking for a reliable crypto to add to your portfolio, it’s about time you add a few Tiberius Coins.

October is coming fast. We’re working around the clock to democratize commodities trading and to offer our users a safer, stable, and more transparent crypto experience.

We’re ready, are you?

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