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At present, in order to get an access to the technology of artificial intelligence, you need to spend a lot of money. The decentralization of artificial intelligence will make it more accessible. Neuromation, which is in the pre-sale stage now, is currently engaged in such a project.

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How does artificial intelligence work? By this, a set of algorithms is meant, which is called mathematical models. These models process the sets of marked data, for which the computing power is used. The software of mathematical models is developed according to the instruction, and the procedure for marking of data is complex and expensive. In this case, the enterprise needs to spend money on hardware (computing power) for introducing artificial intelligence. All this makes a new, promising and profitable technology too expensive for implementation.

To change this situation, Neuromation is going to make artificial intelligence decentralized and affordable for small businesses. The hardware that is optimal for performing artificial intelligence calculations is nothing more than a pool of video cards, which is well known to digital currency miners. Therefore, Neuromation suggests that miners take part in useful calculations, and this will prove to be more efficient and profitable than the mining of cryptocurrencies. Miners will be able to generate mathematical models, create sets of synthetic data for machine learning. Neurotokens (NTK) will be their reward.

Tokens will become a means of payment on the Neuromation trading platform, where they will sell and buy mathematical models, data sets for artificial intelligence training and other programs. Over time, there will be free libraries and data sets for free distribution or on the terms of open-software. This will make it even easier for businesses to adopt artificial intelligence technology.

Neuromation already offers working solutions for various industries. The elaborations of Neuromation are used in retail trade, and the company cooperates with partners to create “smart” store counters. Such trading equipment provides interaction with customers at a new level. Artificial intelligence in the industry also becomes a reality due to Neuromation.

The processing of large amounts of data is in demand both in pharmaceuticals and in biotechnology. After the creation of its own laboratory Neuromation actualizes many projects related to the use of machine learning in medicine. The funds that Neuromation collects during the pre-sale and token sale will be used to create its own industrial automation laboratory and ensure wide global distribution of the platform. This will create an entire infrastructure of solutions for artificial intelligence. Entrepreneurs will be able to get an access to a decentralized network for computing, various sets of synthetic data and mathematical models that are in demand in their business.

We invite you to visit to start using artificial intelligence for the needs of your business. The sale of tokens is available on the site. You will use these tokens in the system in the future. They use Ethereum’s block and are compatible with the Ethereum ERC-20 standard. In course of time, the Neuromation system will begin to use its own blockchain.

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