HashingSpace Corporation is a Bitcoin ASIC mining company, hosting provider, and service provider of blockchain transactional services. The company is responsible for managing the following services, appealing to a wide variety of customers:

  • HASHHOSTING   Servers fully managed and specifically set-up for ASIC MINING
  • CLOUDHASH     Cloud mining servers that can be rented with full hashing power
  • HASHMINING     Our own Mining Farm
  • HASHATM         Owner and operator of Bitcoin ATM machines
  • HASHWALLET   Bitcoin consumer wallet for bitcoin banking and transactions
  • HASHPOOL       Public Stratum and P2Pool (Web/IOS/Droid)
  • HASHTICKER     Free Ticker for tracking Bitcoin Value (Screen Saver/Web/IOS/Droid)
  • HASHVAR         A wholesaler of Bitcoin servers and Bitcoin ATM machines

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After their recent announcement of the successful reverse merger transaction that occurred with Milestone International Corporation HashingSpace refused to stop there. After completing all of the mandatory documents and meeting the requirements, HashingSpace has officially been uplifted to a higher reporting status and will be moved from Pink Sheets to QTCQB status.

“We are pleased to learn that we have been upgraded to a higher status,” stated Terry Taylor, Chief Financial Officer of HashingSpace. “This upgrade reflects on our plan to bring better value to our shareholders. This shows that we are current in our SEC compliance reporting and will undergo an annual verification and certification process. Providing accurate information to our investors is a top priority.”

The change from Pink Sheets to QTCQB status occurred even more recently than the reverse merger, with the change becoming official on July 23, 2015. Included in their new QTCQB status is a real-time level 2 quote display which will be available here. Weekly OTC Market Reports summarizing the activity of HashingSpace will also be available; all data regarding hashing space will be found under their QTCQB:HSHS.

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