GIFcoin ICO Gives You a Chance to Gain a Juicy Share of the Gambling Industry’s Massive Profits

GIFcoin ICO Gives You a Chance to Gain a Juicy Share of the Gambling Industry’s Massive Profits
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If you haven’t invested in GIF tokens, you are without a doubt missing your share of the colossal profits of the gambling industry. GIFcoin’s main ICO sale is LIVE. After a successful, sold-out private sale, Stage 1 of the ICO is currently airing with a 60% bonus. It’s about time to reap the succulent benefits of this Blockchain-based gambling platform and the ever-growing profit margins of the industry.

The Immense Expansion of the Gambling Industry

Worldwide in 2017, the gambling industry accounted for a staggering revenue of $500+ billion. In that part, sports betting alone took around $220 billion. Industry professionals envisage a steady 3.3% increase until 2020. The upcoming years are yet to experience an even quicker growth of this market owing to enhanced legalization of online sports betting (including the U.S.) and an ever-expanding internet-using populace.

What’s GIFcoin’s Role?

The letters GIF in GIFcoin signify Gambling Investment Fund. The revolutionary fund is supported by an underlying and already profitable online bookie – The regulated gambling website encompasses industry’s top features, such as sports betting, eSports, casino, virtual sports, IN-play betting, and live casino, among others. GIFcoin’s ICO offers GIF token investors an unparalleled chance to gain a juicy part of the incredibly alluring profits of the online gambling industry. The project’s management includes seasoned professionals in Blockchain, online marketing, PR, branding, and eSports. Several eminent crypto Advisors support and navigate GIFcoin’s progress.

An Eye-wateringly Juicy Portion of the Revenues

If you are invest in GIF tokens, you’re putting your funds in an already functioning, profitable business that has just commenced its long-term, sustainable market expansion. And in exchange for your support, you’ll gain a share of the ginormous profits that online gambling generates each year. GIFcoin outstrips the bulk of other ICOs because it’s not just an idea. As already noted, it’s supported by an already operating, money-generating betting site. The funds that GIFcoin raises during its Initial Coin Offering period will serve for enhancing the online bookmaker’s website, developing a ground-breaking mobile application, popularizing the brand, and growing its reach to other markets.

GIFcoin ICO Details

A total supply of 300,000,000 tokes have been generated by GIFcoin. Out of those, 10,000,000 have already been purchased by investors in a private sale. The ongoing ICO, including 7 stages, offers the following bonus levels:

  • Stage 1 – 60% bonus
  • Stage 2 – 40% bonus
  • Stage 3 – 30% bonus
  • Stage 4 – 20% bonus
  • Stage 5 – 15% bonus
  • Stage 6 – 10% bonus
  • Stage 7 – no bonus

The price of tokens throughout Stage 1 of the ICO is: 1 ETH = 10,000 GIF (+60% bonus). However, investors are able to buy GIFcoin not only via ETH but also via BTC and LTC. The ICO’s Soft cap and Hard cap are 5,000 ETH and 24,000 ETH, respectively. GIF is an ERC-20 token on the basis of the Ethereum Blockchain. GIFcoin’s platform has an Investor’s Dashboard where investors can keep an eye on their profit share and at any point in time, determine the market price of GIF.

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