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Gaming Cryptos with 10x Gaining Potential

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Gaming cryptos are the latest investment craze to hit the crypto space, they offer huge profits but only if you know how to pick them. But it’s tricky, as, with so many options available in the market, the decision to choose is nowhere near easy.

Not only is it exhausting to keep track of all the gaming crypto projects, but it is also a demanding task to analyze the potential of each of them. Particularly so if you are a beginner.

There’s no need to make the task any more overwhelming than it has to be. Here are 4 gaming crypto tokens that we believe can potentially offer up to 10x returns, including a few “hot shots” that have made headlines recently.

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is a crypto gaming platform with several play-to-earn crypto games, all of which are within the metaverse titled “The Battle Arena”. The metaverse experience the platform provides takes it beyond the conventional play and battle and introduces a whole range of experiences including interacting with virtual battles while watching them.

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The platform is also decentralized, meaning the creators and users have complete hold over its ownership. Making it more reliable, than otherwise welcoming infringement in the gaming ecosystem.

IBAT is the native token of the platform and is among the best gaming coins to purchase right now. The presale of the token recently surpassed the million mark, selling for a total amount of $1.2 million with only 28% of the coins in the market. That too in a little over two weeks. There are no two doubts about why this currency is garnering so much attention.

The sale of the token is currently live on the official website, where users can purchase tokens worth 0.1BNB and more, up to 500 BNB. The sale will be concluded on 10th October 2022.

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Tamadoge is a play-to-earn crypto game exploring the space with something people already so dearly love, doge. With Tamadoge, users will be able to mint their doge, which they can further decide to breed or train, resulting in increasing their ranking on the leaderboard each month.

Tamadoge Presale

In the last quarter of this year, users will be able to receive the Tamadoge NFTs, giving the holders access to their pets. These pets can also battle against each other with the Tamadoge app, which will feature the Top doge every month on its leaderboard.

The presale of the meme coin is already live on their official website, and they’ve raised 3,100 USD so far. Investors willing to buy the token can buy it directly using a credit card or can use the crypto in their wallet.

The tokens will be available to claim after the end of the presale.

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Decentraland is a crypto game built on the Ethereum blockchain, wherein you can buy a LAND in the game, build on it and become a part of the decentralized economy within the game.

The platform allows you to build anything you want on your LAND, going from movie theaters to art galleries. You can then decide to sell the parcel of the land or monetize it. A group of these LANDs create a district, where the users involved make collective decisions about it. Initially, 90,000 LAND NFTs were auctioned which are now available to purchase on the Decentraland’s marketplace.

Decentraland MANA buy

MANA is the official token of the Decentraland ecosystem, used to purchase land, in-game items, and passes to events in the metaverse. Additionally, MANA can be bought at any marketplace, such as Binance and, where it is currently trading at $0.86.

Decentraland is a pioneering project in the crypto gaming space, in major part owing to its decentralized governance and VR compatibility. The token is also ranked #2 in the crypto gaming section on, next to ApeCoin. As the crypto gaming industry takes off, MANA is expected to deliver exceptional returns to investors.

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The Sandbox

A lot of metaverse platforms popped up last year and Sandbox was among the top ones there. The platform allows users to purchase land, participate in play-to-earn games, and be involved in the operations of the platform.

The platform has an NFT creator inside its VR world, enabling users to create and monetize their digital art. Additionally, the platform has a game maker, a no-code gameplay design tool available where users can create and share 3D games with their friends. Sandbox also has its own marketplace with a bunch of creators, where NFTs and 3D artworks are listed. These assets can also be purchased on the Opensea Marketplace.

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SAND is the official token of the ecosystem used for pretty much everything inside the metaverse, among other things. The SAND token is currently trading at $1.16 as per and is listed as #3 among crypto gaming tokens on the platform. Right after Decentraland.

While the platform focuses on improving VR gameplay, it is not a requirement. Users can access the metaverse from their desktops just as easily. This is a particularly beneficial feature for the platform as it is not restricted by a barrier for entry.

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The crypto gaming industry is booming, and it’s only going to get bigger. The market is expected to reach $39 billion by 2025, which means there will be plenty of opportunities for more investors in this area.

However, that’s no reason to miss out on the ones mentioned above. The projects covered come out to be the best options if you want to invest in a potential 10x.

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