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Games Like Axie Infinity to Invest in Right Now

Battle Infinity
Battle Infinity

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Axie Infinity might be one of the most popular crypto games out there, but it has started to show cracks. The popular blockchain game got $620 million stolen through a fake job interview in March of this year – putting a question mark on its security. And then there is the price of Axie Infinity, which is nothing to write home about. For the last three days, AXS crypto has been following a downtrend, and Crypto enthusiasts have started to look for alternatives to this game. Here is a list of games like Axie Infinity that you can invest in right now.

1. Battle Infinity: Huge Earning Opportunity Through Skilled Gameplay

Battle Infinity is a new crypto gaming platform based in the metaverse – offering many Play2Earn mechanics with NFT integration. In hindsight, it does the same things every other P2E has done to date – but adds skill and fun gameplay into the mix.

Battle Infinity Platform

The game is divided into five distinct parts. The Premier League is the flagship feature – providing a fantasy sports experience within a blockchain ecosystem. With Battle Swap, users will have access to DeFi apps to swap their crypto. Battle Market is the built NFT marketplace to trade in-game assets. There are multiple P2E games in the Battle Store, and with the Battel Stake, users can participate in solo and dual staking to general yield or earn random prices.

IT has all the makings of the best P2E games, and its appeal to sports fans is particularly worth noting.

Like many ICO cryptos, Battle Infinity recently launched a presale and can be bought using BNB.

The IBAT crypto – the native currency of Battle Infinity – is yet to reach the CEX and DEX, so we can’t estimate where the price will go. However, if the price follows the same trend as Lucky Block, then there is a chance for this token to give investors three-digit returns.

Buy IBAT Now in Presale

2. My Neighbor Alice: Inspired by Animal Crossing but running on Blockchain

Animal Crossing was one of the biggest hits on the switch systems. By taking inspiration from the farming simulators, the game redefined the genera with its “always-on” approach. My Neighbor Alice takes inspiration from the same and is an inclusive game that both crypto and non-crypto crowds can enjoy.

Developed by Antler Interactive, My Neighbor Alice combines the aspects of Farmville and Animal crossing and allows users to collect in-game NFTs and manage (farm) their own parcels of land.

Buyu MyNeighborAlice

The game’s native token – $ALICE – saw a triple-digit increase within thirty seconds once it was listed on Binance. This year, Coinbase and eToro have listed the token, leading the ALICE price to rally – although marginally. But the team is in full development mode, and we can see more bullish developments about it soon.

At the time of writing, MyNeighborAlice is accumulating between $2-$3 with the current market cap of $63.5 million.

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3. DeFi Kingdoms: A Free to Play P2E Game on the Blockchain

Another game that blockchain game-watchers can invest in is DeFi Kingdoms. A free-to-play game – with only gas fees needed for Blockchain interactions, this game has one of the lowest entry points for those who want to enter crypto gaming for the first time.

Buy DeFi Kingdoms

Designed on the Harmony Blockchain, DeFi Kingdom is the most DeFi-centric game on the list – focusing on liquidity pools and staking.

JEWEL – the native crypto of DeFi Kingdoms – opened at $8.9 in 2022 and saw a massive uptick later that month. The price would have continued to go up if not for the bear market and the hacking of the Harmony Blockchain. The hack led to the JEWEL price dropping by 90% last month.

At the time of writing, DeFi Kingdoms is trading at $0.61 with a 24-hour trading volume of $1.5 million. Information about the current market cap is not available.


The recent hack of Axie Infinity has led to the crypto-gamers looking for alternatives. Thankfully, there are many games like Axie Infinity available. The crowd is most bullish about Battle Infinity, and its sports-focused gameplay takes cues from Fantasy sports. Sports fans have the most to be excited about.

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