by Vivienne Chen

NEW YORK – March 5, 2018 – Kadena, the blockchain platform founded by veterans of JP Morgan and the SEC that recently raised $2.25M, has announced they have hired Ben Jessel as their new Head of Business Growth. Jessel was the former Head of Innovation and Blockchain at Capital Markets Company (Capco), the world’s largest independent financial services consulting organization. According to Kadena’s founders, Stuart Popejoy and Will Martino, Jessel will direct the company’s growth strategy, focusing on the development and monetization of Kadena’s private, enterprise blockchain solution offerings.

“Ben has an unique blend of skills that incorporate a deep understanding of the technology, business strategy, and operational elements of blockchain,” said Popejoy and Martino. “He has hands-on experience in bringing blockchain solutions to market.”

At Capco, Jessel was a driving contributor and leader of numerous major blockchain initiatives that involved building consortia, proof of concepts, and production systems. He also oversaw projects implementing blockchain governance and operating models across major asset classes in financial institutions, including syndicated loans and equity swaps, as well as within other verticals, such as the airline industry.

When asked asked why Jessel chose to join Kadena, he cited the technology and the pedigree of the founders.

“What I see in Kadena is an organization that has all the right pieces of the blockchain puzzle,” said Jessel, “institutional backers who are in there for the long haul, a team with strong pedigree from a respected financial organization, a highly scalable blockchain that uses the same smart programming language for both private and public chains, which has been architected from the ground up.”

In particular, Jessel is excited about the fact that Kadena will offer both a public and private blockchain, that uses the same technology and programming language.

“These chains have mutual reinforcing benefits – adoption on the public chain benefits the users of the private chain and vice-versa. For instance, the exposure of the Pact™ programming language to a large developer community is an attractive value proposition for our private clients, as it mitigates skill shortages and enables the platform to be constantly improved”.

As a financial services and blockchain consulting veteran, Jessel is experienced in building business cases and forming coalitions for blockchain for both derivatives processing and the leveraged loan market. This has provided him with a strong sense of what clients will need to see in a business case to be able to make blockchain a reality. He is excited to demonstrate the Kadena platform’s potential to future business and enterprise customers.

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