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With 2017 soon to be remembered as either cryptocurrency’s breakout year or the greatest bubble that ever was, let’s look back and see who were the standout people, plebs and personalities who contributed to making 2017 the epic rollercoaster that it was.

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Vinny Lingham

Vinny had become somewhat revered throughout the last few years, on the back of a number of insightful blog posts earning him the moniker “The Bitcoin Oracle”. Lingham mused that there were good things ahead in 2017 and speculated in a piece titled “There has been an awakening” that the price could increase to a whopping $3,000 USD by the end of 2017 — on the proviso that the scaling wars came to a peaceful resolution.

For many, Vinny’s post provided great hope and anticipation, as much of what he had postulated previously in 2014 had been roughly on the money.

But then, as the price continued to increase beyond that figure, Vinny rapidly turned from saint to sinner, and in turn crypto Twitter turned on Vinny. He infamously tweeted “I tried to prevent this bubble” as the price began climbing, and soon after he admitted to selling off a portion of his coins, believing we were going to dump back into the $800 range as the rumblings around SegWit activation intensified.

So it seems @VinnyLingham tried to save us all ! hope you didn't listen to this guy, lol.

— InVodkaWeTrust (@InVodkaWeTrust) July 18, 2017

As the price boomed out of the dip back into the previous ATH (that’s “all-time’high”) people began to resent Vinny’s call to sell. The price never retreated again and from the abuse Lingham received over Twitter, it seems he turned into a proponent of Bitcoin Cash/2X and other scaling solutions opposed to the current Bitcoin Core roadmap.

During 2017 Lingham was also an integral part of the ICO for Civic, an identity themed platform, and was further infamously immortalized for his “Not in my lifetime” tweet regarding the price of litecoin surpassing $75.

not in my lifetime

— Vinny Lingham (@VinnyLingham) December 26, 2016

In 2017, the market showed Vinny that it will force you to remain objective, unemotional and without bias lest you turn into a revered counter indicator.

Jameson Lopp

Former “big blocker” and current BitGo employee Jameson Lopp has been one of the more outspoken bitcoiners advocating for maintaining the course.

Rarely flustered and always logical, Lopp has clearly explained his reasoning for his support of Bitcoin Core’s roadmap. His interview with Roger Ver on the Tom Woods Show was a great example of the two opposing viewpoints — without the spite and vitriol. At the height of the scaling drama, Lopp even had his residence raided by a SWAT team, and handled the situation with aplomb.

Dear anonymous coward who just sent dozens of cops w/ rifles to my house w/a false hostage situation report: I am not so easily intimidated.

— Jameson Lopp (@lopp) October 16, 2017

Brian Armstrong and Coinbase

To be upfront, Coinbase has done some arguably questionable things over the last few years — from having its CEO, Brian Armstrong, openly supporting other coins over BTC, to not implementing SegWit and not issuing its users Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in a timely fashion after the August 1st fork.

Why are people surprised about @coinbase & @brian_armstrong? Brian has been involved in every attack on #Bitcoin dating back to XT.

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