Exscudo Cryptocurrency Financial Services Releases its First Video Message

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Estonian cryptocurrency-backed financial services platform Exscudo recently published a video interview featuring its top managers Alex Sitnikov (CTO), Julian Kossinov (CFO), and Andrew Zimine (CEO).

[Note: This is a press release]

The video highlights the platform’s unique services, products and how they can benefit the cryptocurrency community. Exscudo offers a range of cryptocurrency based IT solutions that functions in the new age financial and legal domains.

The new financial ecosystem is quickly being realized by the efforts of specialists from various fields. In the interview, veteran IT-developer Alex Sitnikov who is well-experienced in working with traditional stock exchanges has offered some invaluable information on how the system operates.

Unlike many other exchanges that trade in fiat and multiple cryptocurrencies, Exscudo trades in EON color coins. This system ensures that the exchange does not hold any of the user’s funds, thus negating any attempts by hackers to steal users’ funds. All funds remain in the users’ personal bank accounts or wallets until the time orders are finalized.

Exscudo aims to apply some of the more beneficial regulatory practices of mainstream stock exchanges into its platform to facilitate fruitful cooperation between them.  The adoption of relevant regulatory requirements and compliances by Exscudo also helps the platform avoid issues related to money laundering etc.

In the interview, Kossinov states that Exscudo has developed a number of products to solve the problems of accessibility, transparency, and sustainability of the financial market. The platform’s products and services are designed to facilitate an honest exchange procedure between cryptocurrencies and fiat.

Exscudo’s uniquely designed distributed network (EON) serves to power the entire ecosystem. The EON coins act as fuel for the blockchain and ICO assets. Exscudo will release a total of 240 million EON coins, of which 150.72 million will be available for sale during

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