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Ethereum Price Up 1.3% to $1898.81 – Where to Buy ETH

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Ethereum Hashmasks Sells 16,000 NFTs Related to Artwork for $9 Million
Ethereum Hashmasks Sells 16,000 NFTs Related to Artwork for $9 Million

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Ethereum has been suffering from a major pullback ever since it lost support to maintain it above $2K. This pullback has also caused bears for most altcoins. Since ethereum reached an all-time high of above $4K in April, it has been hard for the token to recover from the bearish trend.

Ethereum is trading at $1898.81 at the time of writing after making a slight gain of 1.3% in 24 hours.

Ethereum Price Analysis


For ethereum to obtain a bullish trend, the token needs to go past the $2100 resistance and hold support above this level.  However, the market at the moment does not show any signs that a recovery will be made soon; hence a consolidation at this place could be witnessed for a while.

If ETH resumes an upswing, the next stop for the token will be at around $1900. This will be achieved if there is buying support from traders who are leveraging the dip. Furthermore, if bitcoin recovers from its current slump, ETH might also mimic the trend, causing an upswing.

It is also possible that the current downtrend will continue for a while before any gains are made. In this case, ETH could go lower and retest $1600 before bulls gear up and the price of ETH picks up to a higher level.

Various metrics show that ethereum whale addresses are accumulating more ETH during the current dip, in speculation that prices will rise. Whale Alert reported that two major ethereum transactions carrying 400,000 ETH each took place in the past day.

Such numbers are good for ETH because buying support could prevent further slumps. Besides, with the London hard fork upgrade coming in August, ETH has a high chance of gaining an uptrend.

In other news, Anthony Di Iorio, one of the co-founders of ETH, made plans to sell is planning to move away from crypto-related ventures. Iorio is making plans to sell his software development firm and move to other ventures that are not related to cryptocurrencies.

Where to Buy ETH

ETH is the largest altcoin, and with the current support from whale addresses, it makes a good buy. To purchase ethereum, one can open a crypto exchange account on a platform such as eToro. eToro is one of the largest exchanges, and it charges low trading fees. Furthermore, eToro also offers a copy trading feature to help new traders increase their chances of making profits.

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