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28 November 2017, Mauritius – As the urgency of climate change continues to grow, so is awareness of the issue. Every day, companies and individuals decide to do their part by investing in natural assets like solar and wind, waste to energy, carbon sequestration, and others.

Earth Token

However, there is still no universal platform where producers and consumers of this asset class can connect directly and exchange value. This creates an inefficient system ruled by middlemen who provide little to no value and charge high fees, resulting in less money going to the production of these assets and the implementation of environmental sustainability solutions that leverage them.

ImpactChoice, a company that provides environmental sustainability solutions for enterprises, saw the opportunity to create a new environment where both the producers and consumers of the Natural Asset class could thrive, impervious to the middleman economy that dominates our current financial system.

This quest has taken ImpactChoice to the realm of blockchain technology and smart contracts, both of which will be leveraged in its upcoming decentralized Natural Asset Exchange. This platform will allow natural asset producers to list their products without the need to pay registration or escrow fees and without transaction limits or restrictions.

The platform will be fueled by Earth Token, an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that will act as the settlement currency for the platform, allowing transactions to be transparent and immutable while also providing low transaction fees. Since EARTH will be the sole currency of the platform, no conversion fees will be charged to either seller or buyer.

The Natural Asset Exchange and the Earth Token will empower both the producers of Natural Assets and its consumers, giving them full autonomy and charging no middleman fees whatsoever. This will allow producers and consumers to direct more funds to the creation and implementation of environmental sustainability projects.

The main sale period has also been extended to coincide with the launch of the NAE exchange. The token sale extension period is also expected to allow for more prospective supply side natural asset partners to join the NAE at launch, as they will have more time to integrate their systems and trial the NAE Beta.

Token holders want to see the value of their token appreciate and they want to see the project succeed. Furthermore, they want to know that the team behind EARTH Token will do their utmost to make the Natural Asset Exchange a success.

The EARTH Token pre-sale will now end 15 ~December 2017 12:00 GMT marking the start of the Sale Period which ends 15 March 2018 12:00 GMT.

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