Dozens of Developers Are Working on the Cardano Projects, Charles Hoskinson Drops Update

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For those who are not aware, Cardano is a free-for-all blockchain system that is utilized in the building of decentralized applications, better known as DApps. But there is a lot more activity going on regarding Cardano nowadays.

A Horde of Blockchain Developers

Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano, and he just revealed that a team of more than 50 developers and experts in blockchain technology is currently involved in the writing of codes needed to make Cardano run. The main essence of these codes is to allow for novel ideas and the latest in the developments of technology.

Hoskinson is also the head of IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong), – a research and development system – also explained that the team of developers would be focused on something in addition to what was stated earlier. And that is ensuring that the Cardano protocol is going to be transparent and accessible to all the users.

Good Things Take Time

At this stage, it is apparent that many stakeholders in the Cardano project are getting anxious regarding delays. This is an application to the expected Cardano fork that is referred to as Shelly. It is expected that this feature is going to ensure total decentralization on the transactions when it is released.

In his response, Hoskinson stated that the fact that the research and development stage has been completed is not the same thing with the product getting released immediately for the users. What he was trying to say is that a lot more has to be done before the product can be properly released for the users to enjoy without stress or limitations.

For those who think the delay of the release of Shelly is due to the engineers not being good enough, he fired back. He defended his team saying that certain projects are expected to throw up some new challenges and it is the fixing of these new challenges that are leading to a delay in the release. He is very sure and confident about the capability of his engineers and developers.

The founder took time to address the fears of the stakeholders stating that the test nets are not limited to time. He reminded everyone that the main objective of the developers is to come up with protocols that can meet all the present challenges in the sector.

As far as Hoskinson is concerned, transparency is everything. This he clarified clearly and to back up his claim, he told Cardano users to make use of the Github trails also check up on the progress that the team is making. This means Cardano users can also monitor and observe the progress recorded on the project – all in real time. It was this push for transparency that shot Cardano to the first position when it comes to the number of comments received in response. One thing with the Cardano projects is that they are designed to ensure the coding creates solutions that will make life a lot easier for the users. It is hoped this will attract even more users to the crypto platform.

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