DNotes Launches DCEBrief

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DNotes Launches DCEBrief
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DNotes, a cryptocurrency that launched last year on February 18th, 2014 inside a cryptocurrency scene full of pump of dump schemes, decided to take a different approach. Instead of getting caught up about amassing the largest following in the shortest amount of time, DNotes is being patient and playing the long game.

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DNotesIn the spirit of this, DNotes has launched several projects to position the currency where it is now and recently announced the launch of one more. The most recent project is named DCEBrief, short for Digital Currency Executive Brief. By keeping articles in what DNotes is calling “Executive Summary”, articles can be kept concise, allowing anyone to digest quickly digital currency information.

“DCEBrief’s mission is to ensure decision makers, busy executives and everyday people worldwide can access the information they need, to help them understand the often misunderstood Digital Currency industry.”

DNotes founder Alan Yong has already covered many target groups with DNotes various projects. CryptoMoms was launched in 2014 to bring more of the women population into cryptocurrency, and CRISP (Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans) was intended for students, children, employees, and retirement. Each had a specific purpose, with goals intended for each project. same can be said for DCEBrief.

DCEBrief was not designed for one specific demographic, but rather as an all-encompassing initiative. Since most, if not all, different age groups have their unique DNotes offering, DCEBrief took a more educational standpoint.

While it is good to have more people into digital currency, how much good does it do if they do not know anything about it? Alternatively, even worse, have a negative stigma towards it due to incorrect or manipulated tidbits they hear about it in mainstream media sources? DCEBrief more specifically has a dual purpose: to set the record straight while keeping users up to date.

DCEBrief was launched with the mission to keep the public informed with timely, objective, accurate, and unbiased information that encourages both the cooperation of the media and the full support of political leaders and regulators worldwide, to help promote and not stifle innovation for the better good of mankind.”

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