DNotes is Now Listed On Cryptsy!

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DNotes is Now Listed On Cryptsy!
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DNotes, a cryptocurrency growing steadily and slowly day by day. Even with the new launch of DCEBrief, DNotes latest project aimed at informing the public to cryptocurrency, DNotes is not standing still for long.

Disclaimer: This article was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with DNotes and is not responsible for its products and/or services.

DNotes latest addition is not a new project from DNotes, rather an announcement: DNotes is now listed on one of the biggest exchanges, Cryptsy. With over 270,000 registered users with 300,000+ trades conducted daily, getting listed on Cryptsy is a sure fire way to raise volume and liquidity for a given altcoin.

More interesting is the possibility in the future to have an avenue to exchange USD/DNotes, allowing people that aren’t already in cryptocurrency to directly enter DNotes. From there they can use the DNotes to start a CRISPs savings plan, read up on news from DCEBrief, or just hold the DNotes in their DNotesVault guaranteed safe coin storage.

“Now that DNotes is on Cryptsy, there is the possibility of a DNotes / USD currency trading pair in future. If that occurs, DNotes’ innovative Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans will be even more accessible to everyday people worldwide. The DNotes’ team has plans for their own in-house DNotes / USD trading platform, but no hard launch date has been announced as of yet.”

DNotes is now listed on 5 exchanges: Poloniex, Cryptsy, AllCoin, C-CEX, and YoBit (arranged in greatest to least amount of volume each exchange is responsible for). While Poleonix still accounts for 58% of the total DNotes volume, Cryptsy accounts for another 40%, a hefty chunk of DNotes daily trading volume.

About DNotes:

Launched in February 2014, DNotes is led by experienced tech entrepreneur Alan Yong. Yong founded Dauphin Technology in 1989 and created the Dauphin DTR, a powerful windows-based miniature computer that competed with Apple’s Newton computer that evolved into the iPhone we know today.

 DNotes is a currency for everyone – unborn to most senior, rich or poor. Over the last year DNotes successfully launched the world’s first Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans (CRISPs) for employees, children, students, and retirement. CRISPs provide a 100% guarantee matching fund verifiable on the transparent blockchain and embedded in DNotesVault.com infrastructure. For the first time, DNotes’ CRISPs and DNotesVault allow anyone worldwide to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities provided by digital currency. DNotes’ latest project to launch is DCEBrief.com.

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