DNotes Adds Employee Benefits to CRISPs

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DNotes Adds Employee Benefits to CRISPs
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DNotes, a digital currency branded as the “CryptoCurrency of the future,” recently announced the release of its “Employee Incentive Benefits Plan.” The incentive plan is part of a bigger program known as the “Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans,” also known as CRISPS. This program contains methods for investing in children, student, and retirement funds.

“The Employee Incentive Benefits Plan combines knowledge of the employer/employee relationship with macro-economic foresight to maximize its users’ long-term potential benefit.”

DNotes-logo-bitcoinistDNotes states that employees look for more than a fat paycheck when deciding on whether or not a particular job is a suitable career choice. In addition to the base salary, employees also want good benefits that will ensure financial security in the future. Benefits affect not only the worker, but also the worker’s family. Benefits also help shoulder the cost of retirement, as people are working for more of their life and pushing the age of retirement back even further.

Reliance on a pension plan or Social Security is becoming lesser of a possibility due to the increasing cost of living. Therefore, over time, benefits will become a more important factor when deciding on whether or not to accept a job offer.

Providing benefits can also save the employer money, time, and headaches. The increased pressure for employees to secure a stable financial future affects their work negatively, and invokes a “survival of the fittest” mindset. This can cause employees to leave at any sign of a better career choice out there, meaning employers must act quickly to fill in new positions.

“Employees are struggling to secure their financial future. This means high stress, increased anxiety, lower productivity, and diminishing loyalty that breeds high staff turnover.”

Worker benefits are also hard to come by in smaller businesses, which is a problem. Small businesses are the catalyst in job creation, but cannot shoulder the costs that come with offering benefits comparable to those offered by bigger corporations. This has also discouraged the growth of startups and entrepreneurship, which has decreased by 10% since 2004.

“Small business numbers have not recovered in line with economic growth since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. Yong (DNotes Co-Founder) attributes this in part to small business owners having difficulty meeting costly payroll, healthcare obligations, mounting regulations, and funding their own retirement accounts.”

When DNotes’ program goes online, employers will have to register for the program by completing an online form and submitting it to DNotes. From there, each employer will have a unique dashboard with a company-specific link, where they can see employee details and expedite balance transfers into their accounts.

As a bonus, each approved employer registration will receive 1000 DNotes to get them going.

How do you feel about CRISP tying in with DNotes? Is EIBF a good idea? Let us know in the comments below!

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