Digital Asset’s third partnership is with Hyperledger Sawtooth


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Digital Asset, a blockchain software firm, is looking to merge their DAML smart contract technology with a Hyperledger distribution.

Merging future tech

This information comes to us via a Hyperledger blog post, in which the group shares some extra details.

To start, the Hyperledger project is called Sawtooth, an initiative under Blockchain Technology Partners (BTP). The two want to blend both projects as they are both based in similar philosophies.

Hyperledger has six different frameworks, each with its own use case. The Sawtooth segment is “a modular platform for building, deploying, and running distributed ledgers”. DAML, at its core, is able to move decentralized applications across different spaces without needing to rewrite the entire thing.

The latter’s goal here is to “get DAML as far and as wide as possible and obviously Hyperledger Fabric has a very large user base and community of developers around it. So certainly this is high up on the list of where we would like to see support for DAML,” says Dan O’Prey, CMO at Digital Asset while speaking to CoinDesk.

One partnership of many

DAML has made two other partnerships on top of this, as well. First off, the technology will now be a part of VMware, a blockchain platform backed by Dell. Then the project became “the exclusive smart contract language” for the International Swaps and Derivatives Association’s (ISDA) Common Domain Model. This is all after DAML went open source.

The DAML smart contract project came to be back in April of 2016. It was put in place as an easy way for corporations to work with smart-contract like technology. However, the project brands itself as working with distributed ledger technology (DLT) – essentially a blockchain.

“Our goal is to make it as self-service and easy as possible so that anyone can integrate DAML into whatever DLT platform, blockchain platform, database, cloud service or even public chain in the future.”

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