The Crypto Show With Gideon Gallasch, Steven Sprague & Paras Of LOL Liquors

By The LTB Network Jul 13, 2017 2:55 AM EST

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On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” Gideon Gallasch comes on the program to inform us about the upcoming “Blockchain Hotel” conference. Then Steven Sprague, CEO and Founder of Rivetz, is our second guest on the show and gives us the low-down on Rivetz’s unique, cutting-edge security technology and tells us Rivetz’s upcoming ICO. Our third guest is Paras, owner of LOL liquor stores in San Antonio. More than just a liquor store, they sell vapeware, CDB and terpine oil, U-Haul truck rentals, and can even ship you liquor in the state of Texas if you are over 21. More importantly, Danny was there last week and purchased $100 worth of goods in Dash. The store also offers a Bitcoin ATM, which apparently drives as much as 300 people in foot traffic every month. A great all-around business but also a great crypto highlight if you live in Central Texas.

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