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Cosmos (ATOM) Price Shoots 5.9% at $13.78 – Where to Buy ATOM

ATOM Surges By 30% Despite Altcoin Market’s Continued Slump
ATOM Surges By 30% Despite Altcoin Market’s Continued Slump

ATOM is the token that powers the Cosmos blockchain. The capability of the Cosmos network is to achieve interoperability between different blockchains is one of the factors that give it potential. Through Cosmos, communication can be achieved across multiple blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and more.

ATOM Price Analysis

ATOM is presumed to maintain certain stability in the market because of how its supply is structured. The number of ATOM tokens created depends on the number of tokens being staked. This case leads to an annual inflation rate of around 7% and 20%.

ATOM Price analysis 17 June
Source: TradingView

Cosmos is currently trading at around $13, which means that it still has a long way to go before it can retain its May highs. With the high competition from other blockchains that serve the same purpose, it remains to be seen whether ATOM will manage to rise again to significant levels.

Some price predictions have been laid to show that Cosmos (ATOM) is headed to a positive trend. According to Gov Capital, the price of ATOM is expected to reach $46.58 by the end of the year and reach $191.90 in five years. Wallet Investor also gave a one-year prediction of ATOM where it said the coin would touch $56.90 in one year and reach $191.24 by the end of five years.

Furthermore, an analysis from Digital Coin Price shows that it will reach $43.67 by the end of the year and reach $90.08 by the end of 2025.

This week, Umee, a DeFi project raised $6.3 million in a funding round aimed to connect the Cosmos network and Ethereum. The funding round was supported by Coinbase Ventures, ConsenSys among others. The amount and support gained in this funding round show that Cosmos is receiving increased adoption because of enhancing interoperability.

However, this is not to say that Cosmos does not have any competition. One of the main competitors of the Cosmos network is Polygon. Just like Cosmos, Polygon allows communications across multiple blockchains.

Where to Buy ATOM

To buy Cosmos, the place where you can check is from a cryptocurrency exchange. The exchanges that support ATOM include:

  • eToro

One of the leading exchanges that support ATOM is eToro. The exchange offers a wide array of features that promote better crypto trading. It provides a demo trading account that a new trader can use to learn about crypto trading. It also offers copy trading to new traders to allow them to learn from what experienced traders are doing.

  • Binance

The other exchange that supports ATOM is Binance, an exchange with the highest trading volume. Binance also comes with a wide range of friendly features and competitive fees.

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