CORION Announces ICO Details for its Revolutionary Platform & Stable-Rate CryptoCurrency

By Jun 17, 2017 12:00 PM EST

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CORION ( full-service blockchain platform powered by a revolutionary new stable-rate token, today announced final details for their public crowdsale to begin on June 18th and end July 30th, 2017.

[Note: This is a press release.]

CORION Platform Offers the Easiest Way to Enter the Crypto World

Built on Ethereum Classic, the CORION stable-price token eliminates the guesswork that comes with fluctuating prices. Its algorithm enables special automated inflation-deflation control, assuring the stability of the CORION token as a stable means of payment worldwide. CORION’s white papers can be found here.

Participants in the CORION crowdsale will gain access to the CORION Platform, and have stable-price digital tokens deposited in their multifunctional CORION Wallets immediately, allowing instant, low-cost payments. Early investors will receive a 25 percent bonus the very first day, 20 percent bonus during the first week, a 15 percent bonus the second week, and progressively lower bonuses throughout the campaign. Investors will also be incentivized by CORION’s affiliate reward of 1-5 percent.

Funds raised through CORION’s  crowdsale will be distributed to further developments and investments managed by the CORION Foundation (50 percent), to the Stability Fund managed by the Foundation (25 percent), to the team members for their two year of work (16 percent), future developers and associates working on the CORION Platform (4 percent), and marketing, promotions, and growth (5 percent).

CORION’s Marketplace allows anyone with a minimum purchase of 3,000 CORION tokens (a $2,400 investment) to join the community as a Service Provider and start their own business and start acquiring customers. The marketplace provides an excellent tool to promote any business online or offline anywhere in the world. From there, the mainstream crowd is engaged through affiliate programs and shopping communities that generate demand for usage of the platform. As business grows, so does the

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