Comment on Dash Unveils Evolution Roadmap and Three-Year Plan by Alex Clifford

By Alex Clifford Jul 10, 2017 9:00 AM EST

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Looks promising and I believe Dash will eventually overtake Bitcoin as it becomes more user friendly, faster and more scalable. It’s wallet functions could rival PayPal and major banks.

What I also like about Dash is that they have budgeted into the plans how they can fund projects and development with a treasury. Then they have a governance structure that helps them vote efficiently on proposals and ideas.

I think it may take 3-5 years before we see big inroads. But I think Dash has the biggest potential to make cryptocurrency mainstream and replace the old banking infrastructure.

Again I could be wrong and many things could inhibit progress. But I’m happy to speculate that Dash will rise significantly over the coming yeara

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