CoinMD is lifting people out of poverty around the world

CoinMD is lifting people out of poverty around the world
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 Members in 29 countries are taking advantage of wealthcare

CoinMD is lifting people out poverty around the world using blockchain technology, which according to the Wall Street Journal and Forbes possesses the potential to end poverty. Over the last year, CoinMD has changed the lives of members in India, Asia, Europe, Africa and the United States.

It’s no secret that healthcare is expensive. According to the Wall Street Journal, healthcare costs are outpacing worker earnings and the US dollar continues to lose value. CoinMD is growing at a rate of more than 50% per month because people are realizing they need a different solution to the healthcare challenge. According to a Harvard study, more than 60 percent of bankruptcies are medical related.

Healthcare represents a massive problem in need of a serious solution – enter Tom McMurrain.

Tom, a serial entrepreneur, since the mid 90’s internet era, had raised capital and invested in more than 200 startup companies, helped create one of the largest travel blog sites in the world and wrote an Amazon bestselling booked called The 7th Disruption – The Rise of the Digital Currency Billionaire.

A quote from Patrick Byrne, CEO of discussing the idea that blockchain technology held the potential to lift more people out of poverty than any technology in history caught Tom’s attention. Tom became an early investor in Bitcoin as he began to add to his knowledge surrounding distributed ledger technology.

Applying his technology expertise, Tom saw that blockchain was analogous to TCPIP – a bedrock of the Internet. Drawing this connection, Tom soon concluded that blockchain was an underlying technology that could disrupt any company or industry that serves as an intermediary to create trust between two parties. He concluded that the companies that blockchain technology would disrupt were 10 to 100 times larger than the ‘information’ companies that TCPIP disrupted by way of the Internet.

It all began, two years ago when Tom ran an errand for his wife. She asked him to go to the store to buy some chocolate and while driving the genesis for CoinMD – a serious solution to the obvious healthcare problem – came to him. Tom came from a healthcare family – three cardiologists, a fertility specialist, an OBGYN, a biologist, a medical director and a physical therapist, which meant he was familiar with the healthcare industry. In addition, he had seen the explosive growth of the Internet since its infancy, knew the power of crypto currency and had more than 25 years of experience in the network marketing world.

While returning from that errand, Tom called his wife and told her, “we are going to create the world’s largest healthcare marketplace that accepts cryptocurrency – we’re going to create the Bitcoin of Healthcare.” His wife simply said, “really?”

He returned home, drew the business plan on a whiteboard and went to work building the technology for CoinMD. Tom explained, “CoinMD is a lean startup project – we established our minimum viable product in the first year and proved the financial model and customer validation through $5.9M in gross sales. Fast forward two years, CoinMD is now projected to grow by approximately 75,000 people per month at the current growth rate, with numbers compounding daily.

What is CoinMD?

CoinMD is a membership organization with an Amazon-style business model where people can join for free to purchase CoinMD’s cryptocurrency, called CMD, and spend it on the CoinMDChoice marketplace. The marketplace contains health-related products and services, such as traditional medicine, Chiropractic, Dentistry, massage, health foods, weight loss, acupuncture and even health tourism destinations. All the providers on the marketplace are member recommended and are required to take a minimum of 20 percent of their payment in CMD. If people want to gain additional benefits they can upgrade to the “CMDPrime” membership for $149 and then $29.95 per year thereafter. There are no monthly commitments or interest rates promised. Tom explains CoinMD is one of the few actual utility coins in the world in that it can be spent like real currency on a healthcare marketplace that features about 400 products and services to date.

Members of CoinMD earn CMD through health and wealth related activities. For example, they have the CMDXFit, which is a biometric wrist monitoring device that allows you to earn CoinRewards points for exercising, burning calories, sleeping and running. You can also earn points for referring other members, going to training events, winning contests and referring providers to their healthcare marketplace. What makes CoinMD unique is the members-only cryptocurrency exchange, which also serves as a payment settlement platform between the members and provider purchases.

CoinMD has a combination of a centralized know your customer and anti-money laundering complaint exchange, marketplace and membership program. It offers a pooled web browser mining system, public blockchain and hard wallet for crypto assets. In the future, CoinMD’s wallet will hold the member health data through a cloud based EHR system that will be encrypted by the CoinMD blockchain.

CoinMD is designed to make better health more affordable, powered by a network marketing membership sales organization, leveraging Tom’s more than 25 years of industry experience. All of this is combined with an ecommerce marketplace, a member only cryptocurrency exchange and a loyalty and rewards program. In addition, CoinMD encourages its members to help fund “passion projects,” which focus on making a difference around the globe through CoinMD.

Tom is very passionate about building a healthier and wealthier life and doing something significant with that wealth. When asked about how CoinMD is doing, most CEOs would point to the number of members, CMD’s price and overall revenue. Tom will mention those things but he likes to boast about the impact of passion projects. He will proudly point to pictures he has received from families in India, the Philippines, Africa, and from around the globe, as a key measure of CoinMD’s impact and success. These pictures include a table full of groceries, enough to feed a large family, and people and their kids holding more money than they have ever seen before in their life. This is the true impact of CoinMD.

CoinMD’s stated mission is to help people live a healthier, wealthier and happier life. With a focus like that, the sky’s the limit for CoinMD.

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