Citizens Reserve And Duke University Are Getting Students Into Blockchain Development

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Citizens Reserve And Duke University Are Getting Students Into Blockchain Development
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U.S.-based Duke University is working with Citizens Reserve, a blockchain startup working to “digitize the supply chain” to bring more students into blockchain technology, reports CoinDesk.

As more people learn how to trade bitcoin and grow interested in cryptocurrencies, the demand for such courses and events has risen.

Training New Experts

The startup, formed by previous Deloitte blockchain employees, spoke to the publication yesterday and revealed that the two groups will form an incubation lab within the Duke campus. Here, students will be fortunate enough to work on blockchain ideas and host events surrounding the industry.

Citizens Reserve will also assist Duke in building an education plan regarding blockchain. Also, the two will help students find jobs after graduation.

Yonathan Lapchik, Duke alumni and chief innovation officer at the startup, commented on the collaboration:

“As a Duke MBA alumnus, I am excited to spearhead this program, and help the next generation of blockchain advocates and leaders succeed. Many industries, including finance, supply chain, and healthcare, are already exploring the potential of blockchain technology, so it is more important than ever to provide students with the tools needed to develop the skills, connections, and knowledge employers will seek from tomorrow’s workforce.”

Finance professor of Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, Campbell Harvey, will advise the collaboration. The educator claims “it is crucial that academic institutions be willing to collaborate with thought leaders in the blockchain industry”. Harvey continues, claiming that “Duke is very proactive in external collaborations and we are excited about the opportunity for our students to get hands-on, industry-relevant experience.”

The project working to digitize the supply chain.

Continually Moving Forward

Citizens Reserve launched its “SUKU” supply chain solution later last year. At the time, it was claimed to be “an industry agnostic supply chain solution”. The goal, however, is to provide an efficient, reasonably priced digital supply chain for companies that could use one. According to Citizens Reserve CEO, Eric Piscini, current issues require the need of this upgraded technology:

“The current supply chain environment is complex and difficult to navigate. Almost all enterprises require a supply chain to some extent, but the technology supporting them remains expensive, inefficient and fragmented.”

SUKU will work with Ethereum (ETH) technology to utilize smart contracts, reported CoinDesk. Then, the project will take advantage of the quorum blockchain as a trading space for vendors, bidders, and everyone in-between.

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