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C+Charge is Leveraging Blockchain Technology to Revolutionize the Electric Vehicle Industry – Next Big Thing?

Anonymous Cryptocurrency Transactions Rise in Recent Times
Anonymous Cryptocurrency Transactions Rise in Recent Times

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C+Charge is leveraging blockchain technology to change the electric vehicles (EV) industry narratives. This move promises to enhance the efficiency of charging electric vehicles while facilitating peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions through carbon credits and blockchain technology.

In other words, C+Charge allows users to make payments for a seamless electric vehicle charging experience.

C+Charge Employs Blockchain Technology To Improve EV Charging System

The world is evolving into a place where electric vehicles are becoming the new normal. C+Charge is creating an opportunity for users to earn rewards in carbon credit while performing their transactions.

Blockchain technology will allow C+Charge to provide users with a more secure and transparent charging experience. The platform will employ smart contracts to ensure that users only pay for the energy they consume. This will prevent overcharging and ensure precise energy usage during the process.

Meanwhile, there have been some positive activities in the presale event, with the firm amassing up to $3 million to support the process. It currently runs the seventh phase of the presale and, as such, has attracted the attention of green tech specialists.

C+Charge has shown a good commitment to partnerships, evident from its collaboration with the Research DeFi development. This has contributed greatly to its connections with more than 3.8 million EVSEs and 5,000 CPOs worldwide.

Major Factor Driving C+Charge

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C+Charge carries out the EV sophisticated charging project through its C+Charge token, $CCHG, which typically powers the ecosystem. It is also a major pioneer on the Binance Smart Chain network, contributing to its multiple ongoing events, such as incorporating carbon credit-based assets and compliance with the Gold standard (OCPP 2.0) for creating a suitable EV charging station.

The compliance with OCPP 2.0 makes it possible for C+Charge to access more than 1.8 million charging stations globally. This has, in turn, created significant income streams for the project. $CCHG is also responsible for the convenience and transaction speed users get when making payments with the token.

As stated earlier, the project incorporates a dApp (decentralized app), Carbon Credit, which offers carbon credits to users via a reflection program. Through this program, users can expect 1% of the amount they spend to purchase carbon credits, which the system will deliver to their wallets as airdrops. There is a high growth tendency for the $CCHG token considering its significance in the project. 

$CCHG Token Presale

Are you interested in being a part of the ongoing development of C+Charge? The presale gives you a chance to participate in the project. Here is a brief outlook of the token’s prices for the different phases of the presale.

  • In the first phase, CCHG was trading at $0.013
  • Moving on to the second stage, CCHG stood at $0.0145
  • In the third phase, the token’s price was $0.016
  • It sold at $0.017 in the fourth stage
  • In the fifth and sixth stages of the program, CCHG was trading at $0.018 and $0.019, respectively.
  • It currently trades at $0.20 in the seventh phase of the presale.
  • In the final stage, CCHG will be trading at $0.0235.

More than 400 million tokens have been sold since the beginning of the presale. This amounts to over 40% of the maximum supply of the token, which currently stands at 1 billion. Joining the presale at this current phase still gives participants a chance to make gains in appreciating presale prices before it launches on different crypto exchanges.

How To Purchase CCHG Tokens



Follow these simple steps to purchase the CCHG token:

Create a digital currency wallet

You must get a cryptocurrency wallet if you’re new in the crypto world. A few popular ones among the several options available include Trust Wallet and Metamask.

Add USDT or BNB to your wallet

Go to a crypto exchange such as Binance or eToro and purchase BNB or USDT. You will need either of these digital coins to add the CCHG token to your wallet.

Connect your crypto wallet to the CCHG official website

Simply visit the official website of C+Charge and connect your wallet.

Purchase the CCHG coins

On the website, swap the BNB or USDT tokens you bought initially for the CCHG coin. You can only claim this token at the end of the presale.


C+Charge has displayed the potential to revolutionize the electric vehicle industry. With its ability to recharge electric vehicle batteries quickly and efficiently, it addresses one of the main concerns of EV owners, which is range anxiety. 

C+Charge has already shown promising results in real-world testing, and its continued development and deployment could lead to a significant increase in the adoption of electric vehicles.

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