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Cardano, NEO, and SuShiSwap are potential top crypto performers

DeFi Money Market to Add Yield Farming on Top of Interest Rewards
DeFi Money Market to Add Yield Farming on Top of Interest Rewards

YouTuber and crypto trader Austin Arnold has predicted a high growth level for some cryptocurrencies, saying some can reach unprecedented levels next month. Among the potential top performers, he mentioned Cardano, NEO, and SuShSwap as three of the coins he expects to perform significantly high in February.

Arnold also thinks that the current trend of decentralized finance will not stop anytime soon.

Cardano on the top list

The main focus of his decision is based on projects having features presently lacking in Ethereum DeFi main protocols, which is the interoperability with other blockchains. As a result, he picked Cardano (ADA) as his first ranked cryptocurrency, which has seen important gains of more than 90% within the past 30 days.

The Cardano team has also been very busy improving the interoperability of the project with other blockchain projects. The team has also made some investments and partnerships to make the platform more scalable. The platform also wants to launch the “Mary” hard fork, which will include additional features. The new features include the creation of interoperable native assets, support for multiple assets, and the option for users to set up DeFi protocols with smart contracts.

Arnold said the project will be launched in February. He added that while the Cardano community thinks the project may be rolled out at the end of February, his research shows mid-February may be the chosen launch date by the developers.

The project will have a positive impact on the value of ADA tokens, which is one of the reasons he has chosen the token as the potential top performer.

SuShiSwap also showing positive signs

The new features will also make Cardano compete strongly among the domineering DeFi protocols on the Ethereum platform. But Arnold noted that SushiSwap (SUSHI) is another token that’s showing signs of a great run.

Arnold said the developers at SuShiWsap are working on a plan to build decentralized governance that can support multiple interoperable assets with Polkadot.  Once the project is launched, it will enable SushiSwap to expand its number of users, which will impact the token positively in the coming weeks.

The protocol also wants to expand its product range to include lending and borrowing. To achieve this goal, it wants to roll out a lending solution.

NEO also has high growth potential

Arnold also mentioned NEO as one of its top three coins with the highest potentials. He said NEO has been very consistent for some time, even when the market was not so favorable. But with the platform’s move to a new blockchain in the coming months, there is bound to be a positive reaction to the value of its token.

The migration will add new features that will provide interoperable capabilities with decentralized storage, oracles, DeFi protocol, and other capabilities.

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