British Travel Company ‘Corporate Traveller’ Accepts Bitcoin (BTC)

British Travel Company 'Corporate Traveller' Accepts Bitcoin (BTC)
British Travel Company ‘Corporate Traveller’ Accepts Bitcoin (BTC)
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Amidst the bearish trend going on in the cryptocurrency markets, many big firms are still set to boost the industry positively. Let’s recall that recently, adopted Tron (TRX) as one of the modes of payment for bookings on its platform. While the community is still basking under the joy of this announcement, another adoption has hit the market. This time, an industry-leading firm “Corporate Traveller” in the U.K has accepted (BTC) as a payment mode for its services.

Corporate Traveller is partnering with BitPay, one of the crypto exchanges operating in Atalanta in this development. The company is not only accepting Bitcoin, but some digital assets will also become part of the payments mode.

What the companies are saying

According to the General Manager of Corporate Traveller U.K, many of their customers had been demanding to pay with Bitcoin. Some people who travel on Business trips prefer using their crypto wallet balances to book through travel consultants. Therefore, given the rapid growth in the blockchain industry, the company decided to provide the option for customers.  However, their partner has assured them of settlements in Pounds.

Also, the Chief Commercial Officer of BitPay Sonny Singh has commented on the development. He expressed his optimism on more adoption of digital assets in the travel industry in the future. Apart from this present partnership, BitPay also partnered with Avnet, a distributor of “American Fortune 500 electronic component”. According to the information we got, the company is now accepting Bitcoin BTC and BCH for the payments of its product.

Many Other Adoptions in the Industry

Well, Corporate Traveller is not alone in their involvement in the crypto space. Many companies have also woken up to the industry.

Reports have it that Kazuhiro Tokita who presides over DeCurrent, an exchange under FSA has unveiled a system. This new system will enable customers to add to their Suica Card balances using digital assets. This card is a property of Shinkansen Systems and East Japan Railway Company. JR East is still considering whether to implement it or not.

Millions of Citizens in Japan use the services of JR East. Therefore, given the huge number of potential users, Bitcoin bulls are pressing for it.  We don’t know how the company will react to the pressure. However, one thing we do know is that DeCurrent intends supporting BTC, XRP, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. They also plan to add Ethereum in time to come.

Another development in the crypto adoption is that Rakuten is set to launch a new exchange this June. Also, Bic Camera which is a company operating in tech is now accepting BTC for payments. We also got the news that Mizhuo, is soon to release “J-Coin” before the Olympics coming up in 2020.

Apart from Japan, Britain and the U.S, other countries are actively adopting these digital assets. Another news reaching us is that very soon, Canadians will be paying their property tax using Bitcoin.

Right now in the Industry, the speculation as to who will be the next adoptee is very high.

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