Blue Trading Fund Shuts Down After 4 Years of Successful Trading

Blue Trading Fund Shuts Down After 4 Years of Successful Trading
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Blue Trading was a robust fund that used strong strategies to trade cryptocurrencies, commodities, and Forex with the goal of winning high returns at lower risks. In the recent turn of events, Blue Trading has sent out a notice of business termination to all of its clients and is in the process of shutting down.

According to the official website, the company discovered an enormous trading loss on a few of its trading accounts on February 21. Upon investigating, the administration found out that the “lot allocation error” caused by the trading software used by the firm was the reason behind the loss. The official announcement on the website states that it is now impossible for the company to recover the lost funds while keeping up with their monthly financial obligations.

The fund was founded by Richard Anderson and an experienced team of forex traders in 2012. The original business model of Blue Trading was to develop and sell trading strategies. In 2015, the company widened its services and started offering investment opportunities to institutions as well as private individuals. Blue Trading successfully became a member of Financial Commission along with being a signatory with the Crypto Valley Switzerland Association and the FX Global Code.

The fund enjoyed very successful business during the years 2016 and 2017 which increased its popularity among investors who were less experienced in Forex. Blue Trading had a robust business strategy that allowed the firm to make great profits as well as show positive results to investors. With Blue Trading, you didn’t have to worry about buying cryptocurrencies or monitoring Ethereum price every single minute of the day.

Blue Trading reportedly had a team of professional traders who had a combined experience of forty years of trading. These experts were tasked to monitor their trading desks 24/7 and invest in any opportunity that surfaced while keeping the risk factor to a minimum and profits to the maximum. The team claimed to use ten different trading strategies for their operations to diversify their plan of action for every trade. May it be buying stocks, cryptocurrencies, or other such commodities, the investors had to do nothing other than putting in the money.

Investing in Blue Trading was quite simple and straight forward. A standard account could be opened with a minimum deposit of 3,000 Euros while the VIP account required a minimum deposit of 12,500 Euros. For standard accounts, a fee of 18% of all profits was charged from the high-water point while with the VIP accounts, the performance fee was just 12% of the total gains.

The performance fee is like a commission that a trader takes from your profits for handling your account. A performance fee of 20% of profits charged from the high-water mark means that if the base investment is of 3,000 Euros and the account goes up to 4,000 Euros, the trader will deduct 200 Euros as a commission for his services. No more commission will be deducted from your new account value until it goes up again.

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