Blockchain Rivals Tron and Ethereum to Work Together

Tron and Ethereum
Blockchain Rivals Tron and Ethereum to Work Together
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Justin Sun has publicly called for cooperation between the Ethereum project and his own TRON blockchain platform. He did not mention any details on what that cooperation could look like, or what specific avenues they would be exploring. He did not even mention if Vitalik Buterin would be involved in the cooperation. The cooperation would go forward, however.

TRON has recently taken a lead against Ethereum when it comes to dapps. He says that the competition is fierce, but it is all done in a spirit to move forward distributed ledger technology. The global crypto industry is benefitting from the increased competition between the various platforms.

In a recent tweet, Sun wrote via Twitter that TRON now has 246 dapps running on its platform. This is an increase of 10 from the previous week and he believes that the number will continue to rise with the momentum that TRON has shown.

Since last fall, TRON has been courting dapp developers from its main competitors which are Ethereum and EOS. People who are new to the platform are able to draw from a special fund. The fund that was created by the TRON Foundation is to let developers develop, without having to worry about finances.

TRON-USDT to make waves in the crypto world

Sun also spoke at length about the impact that USDT would have on the market as a whole. He confirmed that the stablecoin known as USDT will launch on April 9th. He is excited about the possibilities offered by USDT, as transactions will be far cheaper than competitors. This, combined with the ease of use offered by USDT, will provide a massive service to customers – and will be especially good for TRON itself.

Confirming the reports that Tether Ltd and TRON will be teaming up to make a USDT token that pegged to the dollar, he also mentioned other innovations that were in the pipeline. Most notable was the talk of the Sun Network. According to the founder of TRON, this will be one more step taken by TRON towards 100 percent scalability. IT will also offer dapp side-chains and cross-chain infrastructure. This is in line with the spirit of cooperation that Sun is showing toward Ethereum. It might also be a clue as to what the two will be working on together.

He promised that dapp usage will increase from the current millions to “hundreds of millions” after the launch of their layer 2 solutions. He also made promises to release a privacy-focused network. The privacy-focused network would be using the same protocol used by Zcash.

The TRON Foundation has recently done its first USDT-TRON airdrop. The foundation also named a number of new crypto exchanges that had started accepting TRON. Among them are Math Wallet, BitForex, and CoinTiger.

Justin says that the incentive scheme to switch from OMNI to TRON has been going well. He reminded people that the initiative will last for 100 days where holders of USDT-TRON will be rewarded with more. People switching over from USDT-Omni will also be rewarded. The initial APR of the incentive scheme stands at 20%.

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