Blockchain-based investment platform Roobee is having a token offering this week

Blockchain-based investment platform Roobee is having a token offering this week
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UPDATE: Roobee IEO on BitForex is successfully ended. Information about further token sales you can find at

Roobee, a group looking to disrupt the investment world, is working to bring artificial intelligence and transparency to the investment process. On Monday, May 13, Roobee will host an initial token sale on the BitForex exchange.

The project has many partners. As of this writing, Roobee is working with IBM’s blockchain development teams and has Inventure Partners as extra funding. This is on top of investments from big cryptocurrency whales and other spaces. If the project is of interest, however, we highly recommend that you check out some more information via the link above.

Blockchain-based investments

Roobee is a platform based on blockchain technology and has already processed over $15 million through its testing process alone.

It works thanks to an inner and outer shell, according to its website. Essentially, the inner shell is the blockchain technology and “backend infrastructure”. Then, the outer shell is made up of different investment services and its investment application.

Roobee is ideal for any type of investor, regardless of their income level. It ensures users can spend as low as $10 to start out. Options include real estate and venture funds, for example.

The platform is easy to use, making non-professional investors feel as if they’re experts. On top of this, it provides these services with little to no investment fees.

Through eight different modules, the software provides full access to anything you’d need regarding investments:

  • Roobee Network – Contains the Roobee blockchain built from Ethereum and HyperLedger Fabric technology. This space provides a secure spot to store investments. That and it helps users transfer their assets around the overall Roobee network.
  • RoobeeWallet – No different than a traditional cryptocurrency wallet, only this one exists purely for the Roobee network, providing a secure storage space for RoobeeID as well.
  • RoobeeID – This ID makes up an investor’s public keys, private keys, and its unique keychain specific to each user.
  • RoobeeScore – A space that examines the different investment offerings and ensures the quality of each one.
  • RoobeeFin – Artificial intelligence assistant that helps investors build a portfolio that suits their needs.
  • RoobeeTerminal – An area that houses the trading platform within Roobee, and acts as a space for investors to interact with asset managers.
  • RoobeeLiquid – A space where investors can trade over the counter with one another
  • RoobeeMarket – The marketplace in which investors can build a portfolio. Ties into RoobeeScore, Fin, and the other modules.

Providing to its users

Similar to Binance Coin from the Binance cryptocurrency exchange platform, Roobee’s asset can be used to pay for commissions and other fees from third-party exchanges. In addition, the token can help with extra features such as alternative investment modes and products.

This isn’t to mention that the Roobee team is full of successful entrepreneurs in the crypto space. Each of them is publicly respected for their work and will do what they can to make sure Roobee is the best it can be.

The token distribution will be as follows:

  • 54% of tokens will go on sale
  • 15% will go to the team
  • 10% goes to rewards for the affiliate program
  • 13% will go to the reserve fund
  • 4% heads to advisers, consultants, and others
  • The final 4% will be held for airdrops and promotions

We’ve still a little time for the project to start, however. Moreover, there’s a detailed road map that says Roobee’s wallet and blockchain will launch in Q1 2020. But we can expect that the project will be worth it, considering all the different features it offers to investors of all different kinds. As mentioned, we advise that you check out the project and see if its something that could benefit you.

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