Bitcoin SV Bags New Partnership Amidst Delist Calls

Bitcoin SV Bags New Partnership Amidst Delist Calls

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The figurehead of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision is facing lots of resistance from cryptoverse stakeholders. Dr. Craig Wright started a legal battle against people saying that he is not Satoshi Nakamoto. What he didn’t plan for were the calls to delist the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV). Well, whether he expected it or not, the calls came from well-known cryptoverse stakeholders to cryptocurrency exchanges in a bid to delist the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision.

A contradictory development occurred along the line as prominent crypto exchange partnered with another company to launch Float SV. OKEx and RelayX founder has agreed to use the BSV as the base cryptocurrency for trading on the new Float SV trading platform

To say that the partnership contradicted the delisting calls is an understatement. By announcing such a partnership when the community is still waiting for a possible delisting proves a lot of things. We can now say that there is a lot of fragmentation presently in the industry. The effects of such a situation are that many enterprises are claiming to be neutral and embracing whatsoever project they want. These enterprises do so without minding whether the projects are contentious or not.

Float SV poses a new challenge in the industry

Jack Liu who was once an executive of the OK Group is partnering with OKEx in the latest Float SV project. This platform as we said earlier will be using the BSV as its trading currency.

Float SV will be depending on OKNodes Program which OKEx developed. This program which is a “build-your-own exchange service” permits users to share both infrastructure and liquidity with the main OKEx ecosystem. Let’s remember that this ecosystem is a big shot in the industry because it facilitates large trade volume.

According to what the partners announced to the crypto community, the Float SV is not open to everyone. The platform will only list blockchains and real assets that have links to BSV through their SHA256 algorithm. Also, Liu has mentioned that they could collaborate because the new platform will leverage the neutral position of OKEx. According to what the partners plan, the new platform will hit the industry this April.

The calls to delist BSV is still growing

Dr. Craig is not backing down at all. He launched a lawsuit against Peter McCormack and Hodlonaut, two prominent Bitcoiners in the industry. Well, the top shots are saying that Dr. Craig is not part of the team who created Bitcoin. Well, who cares, as far as people can still buy Bitcoin, why fight for recognition. The good doctor also got a shock because his actions have caused quite a stir. The calls to delist the BSV has also continued to rise following the lawsuit.

Dr. Wright’s demand is not too high since he is asking that Hodlonaut openly apologizes for defaming him in court. Another action on the situation is that there is a free $5000 BSV to claim. nChain CTO is giving this gift to anyone who unmasks the face behind Hodlonaut.

However, the repercussion is rising against Dr. Craig as many big shots in the industry have joined the delist calls against BSV. We hope that Wright is ready to fight back. Even big exchanges like the CEO of Binance is threatening to comply to the delist calls if Wright’s antics continue.

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