NEW YORK (InsideBitcoins) — Bitcoin has significantly impacted the global economy. The cryptocurrency’s lead advocacy, The Bitcoin Foundation, intends to educate people about the benefits of the Bitcoin and the role it may play in their future. The organization recently released a number of new bitcoin resources on Github, a web-based collaborative information tool. The foundation is confident the guides will encourage more people to use the virtual currency while improving its reputation.

The Bitcoin Foundation has several objectives:

  • Fund efforts to improve the blockchain technology underlying the cryptocurrency
  • Lobby against legislation that would unnecessarily restrict or ban the exchange of bitcoins
  • Dispel any misunderstandings by sharing information about the digital currency

The foundation believes that bitcoin has had a positive impact on the global economy and that much of the negative sentiment surrounding the currency can be attributed to misinformation. It says that sharing information on Github will help forge a more positive reputation for bitcoin.

Many people have contributed to the project and their work will be freely available on Github. Here are some of the resources that consumers can take advantage of:

  • Overview. The foundation has created a page on Github that provides a background on the digital currency. The page discusses the reasons the currency was invented and the advantages of its decentralized nature.
  • Purchasing bitcoin. There is also a guide for people who wish to purchase bitcoins through exchanges and networks.
  • Choosing a wallet. One facet of the database provides information on choosing a bitcoin wallet. The resources explain the different types of bitcoin wallets and shares practical tips on using them safely.
  • Using bitcoins for ecommerce. There is also material for businesses that want to exchange the digital currency. The resources contain information on pricing, exchange rate volatility, taxes, chargebacks and other important information ecommerce providers should be aware of.

The committee is also inviting others to share resources to help promote and protect bitcoin. The existing committee members don’t intend to appoint a chairperson to oversee the project, opting instead to maintain a collaborative system.

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