Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto: Anonymous No More?

Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto: Anonymous No More?
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NEW YORK (InsideBitcoins) — One of the greatest mysteries in the bitcoin universe is who is responsible for creating the groundbreaking technology. The common name of the creator has always been Satoshi Nakamoto, but that’s really just a cover for the real person — or persons.

But Dominic Frisby, the author of “Bitcoin: The Future of Money?” believes he has uncovered the true identity of the mysterious developer of the digital currency.

According to Frisby, the only person who could feasibly have created bitcoin is Nick Szabo. An entire chapter is dedicated to Frisby’s investigation into who Nakamoto is and based on his analysis, Szabo alone fits the bill.

Little is known about the elusive and publicity-shy Szabo, as well. He is rarely seen in public but has been the subject of “Nakamoto” suspicion before.

Naturally, Szabo denies that he is Nakamoto. But Frisby combed through 80,000 published words by Nakamoto comparing them to the writing of Szabo. The writing styles, according to Frisby, are very similar. Further, Szabo has a history with cryptocurrencies and actually developed a precursor to bitcoin.

But Frisby doesn’t stop there. He analyzed the time zone that Nakamoto posted online and found that it lined up with Szabo’s. Further, the operating system that both Nakamoto and Szabo used was the same; the use of C++ for programming, and other contributing factors added to Frisby’s case. Each of these bits and pieces, when combined into a whole, cements – at least in Frisby’s mind — that Szabo is, in fact, the creator of bitcoin.

This isn’t the first time that someone has believed they have found the identity of Nakamoto. Earlier this year, Leah Goodman of Newsweek famously wrote a now widely-derided piece claiming a 64-year-old Japanese man living in California was responsible for the creation of bitcoin. That “Nakamoto” denied the claim and is raising money in order to sue.

Fundamentally, there may never be solid proof who the real Satoshi Nakamoto is. The bitcoin community may constantly speculate and such “investigations” do sell magazines and books, but in reality, the ongoing “mystery” begs the question: does it even matter?

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