Bitcoin Core 0.13.0 Released!

By Bitcoin Core Aug 22, 2016 8:00 PM EST

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Overview Preparation for segregated witness Compact block relay Fee filtering BIP32 HD wallet support More intelligent transaction selection for mining Official builds for Linux on ARM Conclusion Hashes for verification

We’re pleased to announce the official release of Bitcoin Core 0.13.0. During the six-month development cycle leading to this release, dozens of contributors have made hundreds of notable improvements to Bitcoin Core. Among the many upgrades available in this release, the following may be especially interesting to miners, node operators, and wallet users:

Preparation for segregated witness to increase capacity, eliminate unwanted transaction malleability, and enable new ways to upgrade Bitcoin’s Script language using soft forks. The code in this release prepares for segwit only; it does not support segwit on mainnet, so users who want segwit support will need to upgrade to a future version.

Compact block relay on the peer-to-peer network to eliminate a major source of redundant data transfer among nodes that relay transactions, as well as reduce the peak amount of bandwidth those nodes use when downloading newly-generated blocks.

Fee-based filtering to eliminate another source of unnecessary data

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