Binance Coin Hits 16,000% since Inception and Registers ATH

Binance Coin Hits 16,000% since Inception and Registers ATH
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We have seen encouraging growth in the crypto market. Many of the popular digital coins have been growing in value. However, Binance which joined the race in 2017 is not about to stay dormant nor stunted. The crypto asset is already competing with other coins which have been in the industry. Now, it is outperforming many of the coins by achieving a price level of $28.79 as at today.

Binance Experiences An All-Time High

As at July 2017 when the digital coin hit the community, many online crypto trading enthusiasts bought it at $0.1927. On the 18th of March, the crypto-coin surged to $31.91. We have gathered form the “Trading View” that BNB has grown to 16,458.31 since its establishment in 2017. However, the coin was trading at $6.59 before this year began. This 2019 saw BNB rising until it got to a peak of $31 after a 384.15% increase.

In May 2019, the Binance coin BNB saw a big growth and recorded a 28.16 percent increase. At that time, the value of the digital coin was $28.66, and it’s market cap $4.04 billion. However, the coin spiked so surprisingly in twenty-four hours. Its trade volume became $551million showing a 10% increase in one day.  Moreover, it has taken only one week for the coin to grow by 35.97 percent. Unfortunately, BNB slipped again by 0.25% in one hour.

The Movement of Binance Coin BNB on the platform

We have been watching the movement of this digital currency recently. From what we gathered, people who buy Binance coin has been very active on the native exchange platform. The trade between BNB/USDT and BNB/BTC pairs has been seeing many investors. For instance, the volume of trade on the BNB/BTC on the platform was $140 million. On the other hand, BNB/USDT recorded a volume of $132 million.

Meanwhile, another coin that was pursuing these two was BKEX. It recorded a trading volume of $72 million through the BNB/USDT pairs.

From what we see so far, the BNB may be new in the crypto community, but it’s not stopping.  Gradually it’s doing an uphill climb to contend with others who were ahead of it.

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