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Best Cryptos to Buy Now May 13 – Pepe, Lido DAO, ApeCoin


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The global crypto market cap has reached $1.12T, reflecting a 1.25% increase since our best crypto to buy post yesterday.

Amidst the surge in the value of meme coins, Bitcoin’s value dropped by 10% in the past week. 

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, the hunt for lucrative investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies remains stronger than ever. Seasoned investors and enthusiastic newcomers eagerly seek the best crypto to buy now

Market Cap

Market Cap Chart. Source: CoinMarketCap.

Today, we unveil the top picks that promise exceptional potential for growth and stability. With extensive market analysis and expert insights, these are the latest recommendations for the most promising cryptocurrencies. Get ready to navigate the exciting crypto world, as these handpicked gems could shape your financial future.

The Best Cryptocurrencies To Buy Today

This list of the best crypto to buy now are some of the top gainers in the market. You should consider adding these leading cryptocurrencies to your portfolio.

1. Pepe (PEPE)

Pepe has rapidly emerged as a popular cryptocurrency, capturing the attention of internet enthusiasts worldwide. This digital asset was inspired by the iconic Pepe the Frog meme. Pepe has gained significant traction within the meme community and beyond.

With its active and vibrant online community, the coin has witnessed meteoric popularity. Pepe’s supporters have rallied behind the concept of a decentralized currency that embodies the spirit of Internet culture. Users have fostered an engaged and passionate community centered around this unique cryptocurrency through social media platforms, forums, and dedicated websites.

As an open-source project, Pepe Meme Coin encourages developers to contribute and create innovative applications within its ecosystem. This collaborative environment has led to the development of various decentralized applications (DApps) that enhance the functionality and utility of the coin.

Pepe’s value grew by over 36% in less than a day, making it the hottest coin on the market. The meme coin is worth $0.000001736. Its trading volume increased by 11% ($869 million), and its market cap grew by 39% ($690 million). 

Pepe’s market cap hit $1.6 billion at some point in the past month. Thanks to Pepe, other meme coins have witnessed several mind-blowing surges and jaw-dropping lows. It is one of the best crypto to buy now

2. Lido DAO (LDO)

With its cutting-edge approach, Lido DAO is revolutionizing staking and unlocking the potential of liquid staking for Ethereum. It provides users with a seamless staking experience by allowing them to stake their Ethereum (ETH) tokens. 

It also retains the liquidity of users’ assets. By doing so, Lido DAO eliminates the need for users to lock up their ETH in the staking process. This quality lets users freely trade or use their assets in various DeFi protocols.

A key strength of Lido DAO lies in its ability to offer users a trustless and secure staking solution. Lido DAO also prioritizes security and transparency. The organization’s smart contracts have undergone extensive audits by reputable firms to ensure they are secure and reliable. Furthermore, Lido DAO regularly updates its operations and financials, allowing users to hold the organization’s activities accountable.

Lido DAO, an innovative decentralized autonomous organization, is making waves in blockchain and DeFi (Decentralized Finance). With a 7% value growth in a day, Lido Dao is still the best crypto to buy now. In the last year, the cryptocurrency’s price grew to an all-time high of $3.30. However, it has halved its value to $1.88. Unlike Bitcoin, whose value dips, Lido DAO continues to jump!

3. ApeCoin (APE)


ApeCoin, the revolutionary cryptocurrency, is transforming the digital landscape with its innovative features and widespread adoption. With its inception in 2022, ApeCoin has quickly become a prominent player in the crypto market. This development attracts investors and enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.

Its robust infrastructure enables lightning-fast transactions, making it an ideal choice for everyday purchases and financial transactions. With its scalable architecture, ApeCoin can handle a high volume of transactions without compromising speed or efficiency. This efficiency is further enhanced by the low transaction fees associated with ApeCoin, making it an economical choice for users.

The unique feature that sets ApeCoin apart is its commitment to environmental sustainability. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that consume massive amounts of energy, ApeCoin utilizes an energy-efficient consensus mechanism, reducing its carbon footprint significantly. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, ApeCoin ensures a sustainable future while fostering economic growth.

As ApeCoin continues to gain traction, its value as a digital asset increases, attracting both short-term traders and long-term investors. Its stability and potential for growth make it an attractive investment option in the volatile crypto market. Ape is listed on eToro.

The ApeCoin price stands at USD 3.32 today, with traders exchanging a total volume of $64,087,018 within the past 24 hours. Over this period, ApeCoin has experienced a 3% increase in value. CoinMarketCap currently ranks ApeCoin at #40, with a live market cap of USD 1,224,051,201. The circulating supply comprises 368,593,750 APE coins, while the maximum supply reaches 1,000,000,000 APE coins.

4. Kava (KAVA)

Kava is a revolutionary cryptocurrency making waves in the digital financial world. With its cutting-edge technology and innovative features, Kava transforms how individuals and businesses engage in decentralized finance (DeFi) transactions.

One of the key strengths of Kava is its ability to provide cross-chain liquidity solutions. By leveraging its advanced platform, Kava enables users to transfer digital assets between different blockchain networks seamlessly. Therefore, it breaks down the barriers that previously limited interoperability. This groundbreaking feature allows for greater flexibility and accessibility in the DeFi ecosystem, empowering users to make transactions easily.

Kava also offers a unique collateralized lending and borrowing system. Users can lock their crypto assets as collateral to secure loans in stablecoins, such as USDX. This ability opens up a new world of possibilities, as individuals can now access liquidity without selling their underlying assets.

Today, the Kava price is $0.944009, with a 24-hour trading volume of $120,139,828. The coin’s value might soar over $1 in the foreseeable future. Over the past 24 hours, Kava has experienced a modest increase of 0.5%. Presently, it boasts a live market cap of $488,189,862. 

5. Terra Classic (LUNC)

Terra Classic, a renowned cryptocurrency, has emerged as a formidable player in the digital finance landscape. With its innovative approach and cutting-edge technology, it has captured the attention of investors and enthusiasts alike. Terra Classic has established itself as a prominent force in the crypto market in just a short period.

Its native token, TCL, plays a pivotal role within the ecosystem. It serves as a medium of exchange and a store of value. This token enables users to participate in seamless transactions and the platform’s governance. The underlying network supports TCL’s value. A robust consensus mechanism secures this structure, ensuring the integrity of the ecosystem.

Another standout feature of Terra Classic is its integration with real-world assets. By leveraging advanced technologies, the platform enables the creation and trading of synthetic assets tied to real-world commodities and currencies. It exposes users to traditional markets within the cryptocurrency space, opening up new avenues for investment and diversification.

With the LUNA 2.0 upgrade knocking on the door, Terra Classic’s price grows even in the ongoing crypto winter. With such a driving force, LUNC might be one of the best cryptos to buy today. The blockchain platform would achieve technological parity through the implementation of this advancement. LUNC is listed on eToro.

6. Sui (SUI)

Sui is revolutionizing the blockchain and smart contract landscape as a first-of-its-kind Layer 1 platform. It has been meticulously designed to ensure that digital asset ownership becomes fast, private, secure, and accessible to everyone. From its inception, Sui has focused on delivering a groundbreaking object-centric model powered by the Move programming language. This model facilitates parallel execution, sub-second finality, and the creation of diverse on-chain assets. 

With its horizontally scalable processing and storage capabilities, Sui sets the bar high by providing unmatched speed at a minimal cost. It is a significant leap forward in blockchain technology, empowering creators and developers to construct extraordinary and user-friendly experiences on its platform.

Sui’s architecture addresses common pain points in first-generation blockchains through features like horizontal scaling, composability, sparse replay, and on-chain storage. It solves the bottlenecking issue experienced by earlier blockchains, where various objects, resources, accounts, and components lack distinction. It allows each group of transactions on the Sui network to process in parallel.

In contrast to most other blockchains, Sui enables the direct passing of assets, such as NFTs, as function arguments. Its object-centric approach accommodates more complex data structures and stores assets within those structures or even within the asset itself.

The SUI token is valued at $1.14, reflecting a 6% increase in the past 24 hours. The trading volume during this period amounted to $235,602,389, indicating active market participation. The circulating supply of SUI coins is 528,273,718, while the maximum supply is capped at 10,000,000,000. It is easily the best crypto to buy now for long-term investors.

7. Arbitrum (ARB)


Arbitrum is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency project revolutionizing decentralized finance (DeFi) with its innovative scaling solution. Developed by Offchain Labs, Arbitrum aims to address the scalability issues faced by popular blockchain networks like Ethereum.

At its core, Arbitrum is a layer 2 scaling solution built on Ethereum. It leverages a technique called optimistic rollups. This approach allows off-chain transaction processing while maintaining the security and decentralization of the underlying blockchain. By moving most of the computational heavy lifting off-chain, Arbitrum significantly improves the speed and throughput of transactions. This feature alleviates the congestion issues that have plagued Ethereum.

One of the critical strengths of Arbitrum is its compatibility with existing Ethereum smart contracts. Developers can easily port their applications to Arbitrum without the need for significant code modifications. Users can enjoy the benefits of Arbitrum without sacrificing the vast ecosystem of decentralized applications (dApps) already available on Ethereum.

With Arbitrum, users can experience ultra-low transaction fees and near-instantaneous confirmations. It achieves this by bundling multiple transactions and submitting a single proof to the Ethereum mainnet, reducing gas costs. This scalability breakthrough opens up a world of possibilities for DeFi applications, including decentralized exchanges, lending platforms, and more.

Furthermore, Arbitrum provides robust security measures through its integration with Ethereum. By leveraging Ethereum’s security model and consensus mechanism, Arbitrum ensures the integrity and immutability of transactions. Users can trust that their assets and data are protected, even with the enhanced scalability of the Arbitrum network.

Arbitrum has quickly gained traction and garnered support from major players in the blockchain industry. Its promising technology and potential to alleviate Ethereum’s scalability challenges make it an exciting project. As the demand for DeFi applications continues to grow, Arbitrum stands at the forefront. It offers a scalable and efficient solution that could reshape the future of decentralized finance.

With a circulating supply of 1.275 billion tokens, Arbitrum has a market cap of $1.51 billion. Its value increased by 5.1% from May 12, and 1 ARB equals $1.18. Although ARB’s market is a bit bearish, it is the best crypto to buy now. There are hints of a possible trend reversal. You should buy Arbitrum now and stand to profit from it.

8. The Sandbox (SAND)


The Sandbox native token, SAND, is pivotal in the virtual world ecosystem. As an active participant, SAND empowers users to engage in various activities, shape the environment, and unleash their creativity. SAND is available on eToro.

SAND serves as the primary currency within The Sandbox platform, allowing users to buy, sell, and trade virtual assets. These assets include land, known as LAND, the foundation for building unique experiences. With SAND, users can acquire LAND parcels and expand their virtual territories.

Furthermore, SAND fuels the vibrant marketplace within The Sandbox, where creators can showcase and monetize their digital creations. Artists, game developers, and other content creators can mint NFTs representing their creations and offer them for sale using SAND. This quality fosters a thriving economy where users can discover and acquire valuable assets while supporting the talented creators behind them.

It also acts as a governance token, enabling holders to participate in shaping the future of The Sandbox. Token holders can contribute to important decisions by voting on proposals, ensuring a decentralized and community-driven approach to the platform’s development.

SAND serves as the lifeblood of The Sandbox, empowering users to participate, transact, and influence the virtual world’s growth and development. It represents a passionate community’s shared vision and collective effort united by their love for immersive experiences and creative expression.

The price of The Sandbox stands at $0.503093, accompanied by a trading volume of $54,180,330 within the past 24 hours. Over this period, The Sandbox has witnessed a positive growth of 2%. It has a market cap of $932,523,311. Binance recently integrated The Sandbox NFT staking program. The update allows users to stake their $SAND and receive exclusive tokenized rewards. This cryptocurrency, worth less than a daily, should experience significant gains this year.

9. Aptos (APT)

As the primary medium of exchange, APT enables seamless transactions and facilitates the efficient functioning of the platform. With its active role, APT empowers users to engage in a wide range of activities and enjoy the full benefits of the Aptos ecosystem.

Users can access various services and features offered by Aptos by utilizing APT. They can easily participate in decentralized applications, staking, yield farming, or even contribute to decentralized governance. APT serves as the lifeblood of these interactions, promoting a vibrant and dynamic environment within the ecosystem.

Furthermore, APT holders enjoy additional perks and privileges. Through staking their APT tokens, users can earn passive income by participating in the network’s consensus mechanism, securing the network, and validating transactions. This trait incentivizes token holders to actively contribute to the security and stability of the Aptos ecosystem.

The demand for APT is further amplified by its utility in obtaining exclusive access to premium features, services, and benefits within the ecosystem. As the adoption of Aptos continues to grow, the value and significance of APT as a medium of exchange and store of value also increase.

Investors are acquiring and holding APT because of its recent bullish trends in the market. In a day, its value increased by 3%($8.23), and its market cap is $1.61 billion (6%).

10. Floki Inu (FLOKI)

Last week, Binance announced that Pepe and Floki Inu would be listed on the exchange platform. Some days later, the project announced a partnership with ITTF World Table Tennis. These partnerships almost guarantee the long-term success of the crypto initiative. Investors should consider adding Floki to their portfolio before its value increases from $0.00000354.

Floki Inu boasts a vibrant and dedicated community that rallies behind the project. Investors and enthusiasts are drawn to the token’s charismatic and playful mascot, which captures the spirit of the meme-inspired cryptocurrency movement. This community-driven approach has fueled Floki Inu’s rapid rise to prominence.

One of Floki Inu’s key features is its deflationary nature. Implementing a token burn mechanism decreases the supply of Floki Inu tokens over time, leading to potential scarcity and increased value. This deflationary model has resonated with investors seeking long-term investment opportunities and has contributed to the token’s widespread adoption.

Furthermore, Floki Inu has embraced decentralized finance (DeFi) principles, allowing users to participate in various staking and yield farming opportunities. By providing a platform for users to earn passive income and engage in liquidity mining, Floki Inu has captured the attention of yield-seeking investors.

In addition to its technical advancements, Floki Inu has made significant strides in philanthropic endeavors. The project has pledged a portion of its transaction fees to charitable causes, exemplifying its commitment to giving back to society.

Despite its relatively young age, Floki Inu has garnered attention and recognition from major players in the crypto industry. The token has been listed on prominent exchanges, enabling wider accessibility and liquidity for investors.

11. Uniswap (UNI)

As of today, the Uniswap price stands at $5.13, reflecting an active and dynamic market. The trading volume over the past 24 hours amounts to an impressive $39,245,621, indicating significant liquidity and investor interest. The live market cap of Uniswap is estimated to be $2,960,550,600, further solidifying its position as a valuable asset within the crypto space.

With a circulating supply of 577,501,036 UNI coins and a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 UNI coins, Uniswap maintains a controlled and sustainable distribution. The circulation of UNI coins ensures wider accessibility and market participation, while the capped maximum supply promotes scarcity and potential future value appreciation.

Uniswap is a popular decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. It was launched in 2018 and has gained significant attention and adoption within the cryptocurrency community.

The popular decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol, built on the Ethereum blockchain, introduced its native UNI token in September 2020. UNI has become a significant asset within the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. It empowers users and plays a pivotal role in Uniswap’s governance.

As an active participant in the DeFi space, UNI serves multiple functions. Firstly, it acts as a governance token. It grants holders the right to participate in the decision-making process of the Uniswap protocol. This quality allows UNI holders to vote on proposals such as protocol upgrades, fee adjustments, and other vital parameters. Thus, UNI ensures that the Uniswap community has a say in the evolution and direction of the platform.

Moreover, UNI also serves as a utility token, offering various benefits to its holders. Users who hold UNI can access certain features on the Uniswap platform. Such benefits include fee discounts, enhanced liquidity mining rewards, and participation in exclusive token offerings. These incentives encourage users to engage with Uniswap and contribute to its liquidity and growth.

UNI has witnessed a tremendous surge in popularity since its launch. Its active community has grown exponentially, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of developers, liquidity providers, and traders. As a result, UNI has become one of the most widely traded tokens on DEXs. Its upward trend solidifies its position as a leading DeFi asset. You can check out UNI on eToro.

12. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA)

In two days, Ecoterra has raised $160,000 more. Ecoterra actively supports eco-friendly activities through its R2E app, enabling users to earn tokens for each recyclable product they contribute. Tokenholders can purchase recycled materials and effectively offset their carbon footprints. The process of earning Ecoterra tokens involves three straightforward steps.

Firstly, users utilize the R2E app to scan the barcodes of recyclable items. The app then employs its AI-driven database to match the scanned products, considering brand, weight, volume, and materials. The amount of ecoterra tokens received is directly influenced by these details. Users can also scan their solar panel electric bills to contribute to their token earnings.

Subsequently, users locate the nearest Ecoterra Recycling Vending Machine (RVM). After completing the recycling process, they collect their receipt and upload a picture of it via the app. This move ensures that their recycling activity is recorded and accounted for.

Finally, users can spend their earned tokens by staking them or making charitable donations. This ability allows them to actively participate in initiatives that promote sustainable practices and environmental welfare.

13. AiDoge ($AI)

Once again, AiDoge is making headlines. The meme coin project has raised more than $7.1 million. That is another million dollars made in a day! AiDoge is on its way to meeting its $7.7 million goal.

AiDoge is an AI-driven meme coin blockchain project that empowers users to create memes based on text prompts. This operation is facilitated by the native token $AI, which can be utilized to purchase credits for swift meme generation.

These memes serve a broader purpose beyond social media posting. By holding $AI tokens and creating memes, individuals become integral members of the AiDoge community. This community offers the opportunity to showcase memes on the meme wall, where fellow members participate in voting. The most popular meme is awarded a sum of $AI tokens.

In addition to serving as a reward token, $AI can be employed for staking and voting. The project incorporates cutting-edge AI technology to simplify generating accurate memes. This feature enables users to unleash their creativity in an entirely novel manner for content creation.

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