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Best Crypto to Buy Now May 18 – Render Token, Mask Network, Aave


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Since our last best crypto to buy post, the world’s cryptocurrency market cap has increased by 1.28%. This development brings the global market cap to $1.13 trillion.

Market Cap Chart

Market Cap Charts

The rise in the global market cap might be due to Tether’s recent activities with Bitcoin. The firm disclosed that it plans to purchase more Bitcoins to back its stablecoin. Therefore, Tether is solidifying investors’ confidence in Bitcoin as a long-term investment. 

Furthermore, Bitcoin Frogs have become the most traded NFT project in the past day. These 10,000 frogs take after the Pepe meme coin, which has been making headlines this past week.

Once again, we have compiled an extensive list of the best crypto to buy now. These are the current trending cryptocurrencies in the market.

The Best Cryptocurrencies to Purchase Today

Join us as we uncover the potential, innovation, and unique features that make these cryptocurrencies standout choices in today’s dynamic market.

1. Render Token (RNDR)

Render Token

RNDR offers immense potential for growth and profitability in the rapidly expanding field of cloud rendering. Its blockchain-based platform allows users to access a global network of idle GPUs. This detail enables efficient and cost-effective rendering for film, gaming, and virtual reality industries.

RNDR utilizes the power of decentralized technology, ensuring transparency, security, and reliability. The blockchain’s immutability prevents unauthorized alterations, providing a trustworthy environment for rendering tasks.

Moreover, a strong community of industry professionals, including artists, designers, and developers, supports the RNDR’s ecosystem. This collaborative network enhances the platform’s credibility and facilitates sharing of knowledge and resources.

Furthermore, RNDR has secured partnerships with major industry players, establishing itself as a leading player in the rendering space. These strategic alliances create a robust ecosystem and open doors for widespread adoption, driving the value of RNDR even higher.

Additionally, RNDR’s utility extends beyond rendering services. Its tokenomics model includes staking, which rewards token holders for participating in network activities, promoting engagement, and incentivizing long-term investment.

The team behind RNDR comprises experts in blockchain technology, rendering, and business development. Their collective expertise ensures the continuous evolution and improvement of the platform, making RNDR a good investment choice.

Lastly, the current market conditions present a favorable opportunity to invest in RNDR. As the demand for high-quality rendering services continues to soar, RNDR’s value will rise. Hence, Render Token is the best crypto to buy now.

2. Mask Network (MASK)

Mask Network is the best crypto to buy now due to its exceptional features and promising prospects. Here is why MASK is the best crypto to buy now for savvy investors seeking substantial returns.

Firstly, MASK’s unrivaled focus on privacy and security sets it apart from other cryptocurrencies. We are in an era where digital privacy is increasingly crucial. MASK employs advanced encryption techniques and decentralized protocols to safeguard users’ data and transactions. By providing an extra layer of anonymity, MASK empowers individuals to regain control over their personal information. This feature offers users a secure and private digital experience.

Moreover, MASK’s integration with popular social media platforms makes it an excellent investment opportunity. Social media continues to have an ever-growing influence on our lives. MASK allows users to seamlessly transact cryptocurrencies and access decentralized applications (dApps) directly within their favorite social media networks. This integration not only simplifies the user experience but also significantly expands the reach and adoption of MASK.

Additionally, MASK’s innovative cross-chain functionality positions it for long-term success. By leveraging cross-chain interoperability, MASK connects different blockchains, enabling users to access various DeFi applications and services. This versatility makes MASK an attractive investment. It taps into the vast potential of DeFi and allows users to explore different investment opportunities across multiple chains.

Furthermore, MASK’s strong community support and development team inspire confidence in its future growth. The project has garnered a dedicated and passionate community of users who actively contribute to its development and adoption. This engaged community ensures ongoing innovation and improvement of the platform. That breeds a positive feedback loop for the value and utility of MASK.

Lastly, the overall market conditions and growth potential further solidify MASK’s position as the best crypto to buy now. As cryptocurrencies gain wider acceptance and adoption, the demand for privacy-centric and user-friendly solutions like MASK is poised to skyrocket. By investing in MASK now, investors position themselves at the forefront of this burgeoning market. Such a move maximizes their potential returns as MASK’s value and utility continue to rise.

3. Aave (AAVE)


Aave has recently witnessed significant developments and impressive statistics, cementing its position as the best crypto to buy now. The platform’s ongoing innovations, growing user base, and notable achievements make it an enticing investment opportunity for crypto enthusiasts. Check out Aave on eToro.

One of the noteworthy developments in the Aave ecosystem is the introduction of Aave v2. This upgrade brought several enhancements to the protocol, including native credit delegation. The new feature allows users to delegate their borrowing power to trusted parties. It also expands the possibilities for users, enabling them to monetize their creditworthiness while maintaining control over their assets. Aave v2 also introduced new collateral types, such as Uniswap LP tokens. They further diversify the range of assets available for lending and borrowing.

In terms of adoption, Aave has witnessed remarkable growth. The total value locked (TVL) in the Aave protocol has surged to new heights, reaching billions of dollars. This TVL metric is a testament to users’ trust and confidence in Aave’s platform. The growing number of users indicates the platform’s popularity and increasing adoption within the DeFi space.

Furthermore, Aave has been actively expanding its ecosystem through partnerships and collaborations. For instance, Aave collaborated with Polygon (formerly Matic Network) to bring its protocol to the Layer 2 scaling solution. This integration significantly reduced transaction costs and improved scalability, making Aave more accessible to users. Additionally, Aave has forged partnerships with major players in the crypto industry, such as Balancer and Yearn Finance. These collaborations enhance the functionality and interoperability of the Aave platform.

Its native token, AAVE, has also experienced notable milestones. The token has seen impressive price appreciation, reflecting the market’s recognition of Aave’s potential and achievements. AAVE’s market capitalization has reached significant levels, further solidifying its position among the top cryptocurrencies. The token’s utility within the Aave ecosystem includes governance rights and staking rewards. AAVE’s utility has attracted investors seeking financial gains and active participation in shaping the protocol’s future.

4. Immutable (IMX)

Immutable is a groundbreaking blockchain protocol making waves in decentralized applications (dApps) and gaming. With its unique approach to scalability, security, and interoperability, IMX has garnered significant attention from developers and investors alike. Recent statistics and developments further highlight the potential of IMX and its growing impact on the blockchain industry.

One of the key features of IMX is its focus on immutability, which refers to the inability to modify or tamper with data once the blockchain records it. This attribute ensures that transactions and digital assets on the IMX network resist unauthorized alterations, providing high security and trust. Immutability is vital in gaming, where players’ in-game purchases hold significant value. By leveraging the IMX protocol, game developers can create secure and transparent ecosystems where players genuinely own virtual items and freely trade them with others.

In terms of statistics, the growth of the IMX ecosystem has been impressive. The number of developers building on the IMX protocol has steadily increased, leading to a vibrant and expanding community. This growth is driven by the protocol’s versatility and ability to support various use cases beyond gaming, such as decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). As more developers recognize the potential of IMX, the ecosystem continues to flourish, attracting even more users and investors.

Moreover, recent developments have showcased IMX’s commitment to innovation and scalability. The protocol has implemented layer 2 solutions, such as sidechains and state channels, to address the challenges associated with scaling on the blockchain. These solutions enhance the speed and efficiency of transactions while reducing costs, opening up new possibilities for large-scale adoption of IMX in various industries.

IMX has also collaborated with industry leaders and partners to foster interoperability. By integrating with other blockchain networks and protocols, IMX aims to create a seamless and interconnected ecosystem that facilitates the transfer of assets and data across different platforms. This interoperability expands the utility of IMX and strengthens its position as a key player in the broader blockchain landscape. IMX is available on eToro.

5. Generational Wealth (GEN)

Generational Wealth

GEN harnesses the potential of memes, the internet, and the Inner Chad within each of us. The project aims to disrupt the traditional notion of generational wealth as an exclusive privilege accessible only to the affluent or fortunate few. Gen democratizes the process of building wealth. It also fosters community, inviting individuals from diverse backgrounds to invest in their futures. By embodying the symbol of Chad, GEN instills a belief in success and empowers people to achieve financial prosperity. And it does all these one meme at a time!

There is a total supply of 420,690,000,000,000 GENs. The presale was on 63,103,500,000,000 GENs (15%). Each GEN is worth $0.0000000008793. Generational Wealth’s current price is $0.00000006172, with a trading volume of $20,932,094 within 24 hours. Over this period, Generational Wealth has experienced a remarkable increase of 153.52%. Hop on this train – GEN is the best crypto to buy now.

6. Launchpad XYZ (LPX)


Launchpad XYZ is on the Ethereum blockchain. It aims to be the “home of Web3” by providing a curated portal for cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and digital assets. This element ensures a seamless transition to Web3 technologies. The ecosystem of Launchpad XYZ will offer valuable features to onboard the subsequent 10 million Web3 users. These include a custom Web3 wallet, NFT DEX, crypto trading terminal, and fractionalized assets marketplace.

According to the Launchpad XYZ whitepaper, LPX, the native ERC-20 token, will underpin the entire ecosystem. It has a built-in utility to drive long-term demand, such as requiring LPX to pay trading fees. Stakers of LPX tokens will enjoy perks like guaranteed access to NFT whitelists, participation in crypto presales, fee discounts, and community “prestige badges.”

The solid roadmap and driven development team are the reasons behind the success of the best crypto to buy now. Fortunately, Launchpad XYZ possesses both these essential elements, which adds to its appeal.

7. THORChain (RUNE)

With its unique cross-chain liquidity protocol, THORChain enables seamless and trustless asset swaps across various blockchain networks. One noteworthy development is the launch of THORChain’s Chaosnet, the network’s mainnet deployment. This milestone marked a crucial step in THORChain’s journey to complete decentralization. It also demonstrated the platform’s technical capabilities in facilitating secure and efficient cross-chain transactions.

Another key development for THORChain is its integration with various prominent blockchain networks. By enabling cross-chain interoperability, THORChain expands its reach and potential user base. This integration allows users to seamlessly trade assets from different blockchains, promoting liquidity and accessibility.

Another critical advantage of ThorChain is its emphasis on liquidity. It employs a decentralized liquidity protocol that incentivizes users to provide liquidity for various assets on the platform. This mechanism ensures a deep pool of liquidity, enabling efficient and reliable trades. Furthermore, ThorChain’s Continuous Liquidity Pools (CLPs) dynamically adjust prices based on supply and demand. The CLPs minimize slippage and maximize returns for traders. This liquidity-centric approach sets ThorChain apart from other cryptocurrencies and contributes to its stability and attractiveness.

ThorChain also implements a unique consensus mechanism called Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT). This system ensures the security and integrity of the network by employing a decentralized network of validators. These validators reach a consensus on transactions and maintain the overall stability of the ThorChain ecosystem. With BFT, ThorChain achieves high security and resiliency against potential attacks. It is a reliable and trustworthy investment option and the best crypto to buy now.

8. GMX (GMX)

Over the past few months, GMX has experienced a surge in popularity and market demand. Its value has soared, with an impressive growth rate of over 200% in the last quarter. One significant development for GMX is its integration with major cryptocurrency exchanges. This listing on renowned platforms has significantly increased its accessibility and visibility, attracting a broader range of investors.

Furthermore, GMX has successfully launched several strategic partnerships with influential players in the blockchain industry. These collaborations have bolstered GMX’s credibility and opened further growth and adoption avenues.

The recent implementation of a new upgrade has also greatly enhanced GMX’s functionality and user experience. This upgrade introduced advanced features like smart contract capabilities and improved transaction efficiency. These have positioned GMX as a more robust and versatile cryptocurrency.

GMX’s market capitalization has experienced a substantial rise, reaching an all-time high. This surge in market capitalization is a testament to the growing confidence in GMX and its potential for long-term appreciation.

The cryptocurrency’s trading volume has grown significantly, increasing over 300% in the past month alone. This surge in trading activity indicates a higher level of investor engagement and market liquidity.

Moreover, GMX’s active user base has been expanding rapidly, with a notable increase in wallet registrations and transaction activities. This expanding community demonstrates the growing interest and adoption of GMX among cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors.

9. Mina (MINA)

Mina’s main strength lies in its lightweight blockchain. Unlike traditional blockchains that grow exponentially in size over time, Mina utilizes zk-SNARKs. The zero-knowledge proof maintains a constant and minimal size of only 22 kilobytes. This breakthrough enables anyone to fully participate in the network, regardless of their computational resources, ensuring decentralization and inclusivity.

Moreover, Mina’s lightweight design translates into significantly faster transaction speeds and lower fees. With minimal data requirements, transactions on the Mina blockchain process swiftly. Mina is the best crypto to buy now for both everyday users and large-scale applications. The reduced fees associated with Mina transactions further enhance its appeal, providing cost-effective solutions for individuals and businesses.

Another noteworthy aspect of Mina is its focus on privacy and security. Using zk-SNARKs, Mina ensures that transactions remain private and confidential, shielding users from potential threats and preserving their anonymity. This commitment to confidentiality sets Mina apart from many other cryptocurrencies. It is an attractive option for those who prioritize data protection.

Furthermore, Mina’s team comprises industry experts and visionaries who have demonstrated a solid commitment to the project’s success. Backed by reputable investors and a vibrant community, Mina has garnered considerable attention and gained momentum in the crypto space. This robust foundation instills confidence in investors and adds to the project’s long-term viability.

Lastly, it would help if you considered Mina’s potential for scalability and versatility. Mina maintains a small blockchain size and ensures it remains accessible and efficient even as the network grows. This scalability and innovative features position Mina as a promising platform for building decentralized applications. It facilitates the adoption of blockchain technology across various sectors.

10. Zcash (ZEC)

While many cryptocurrencies offer pseudonymity, Zcash takes it further by incorporating cutting-edge zero-knowledge proofs (zk-SNARKs). This technology enables users to conduct transactions with complete privacy, ensuring that sensitive financial information remains confidential. Privacy has become an increasingly important concern in the digital age, making Zcash a preferred choice for individuals who value their economic sovereignty.

Moreover, Zcash offers flexibility in terms of privacy preferences. While it allows users to conduct fully shielded transactions, it also allows for transparent transactions. This hybrid approach ensures compliance with regulatory requirements while maintaining privacy for those who desire it. By offering this versatility, Zcash appeals to many users, including individuals, businesses, and institutional investors.

Another compelling aspect of Zcash is its dedicated and active development team. The project continues to advance through ongoing improvements, bug fixes, and feature enhancements. This commitment to continuous development ensures that Zcash remains at the forefront of privacy-focused cryptocurrencies, with regular updates and innovations rolling out to enhance user experience and security.

Zcash recently implemented the “Heartwood” network, expanding its shielded pool capacity and enabling more private transactions. Additionally, Zcash has gained significant recognition and adoption among individuals and institutions. It has gained traction among exchanges, with major platforms like Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken listing it. This integration has increased Zcash’s accessibility and liquidity.

Furthermore, Zcash offers an attractive proposition. With a limited supply of coins, the potential for scarcity-driven value appreciation exists. As demand for privacy-focused solutions grows, Zcash could experience increased adoption and demand, leading to price appreciation. Investing in Zcash presents an opportunity to capitalize on the growing importance of privacy in the digital world. It is, without a doubt, the best crypto to buy now. Check it out on eToro.

11. Cardano (ADA)


Cardano’s blockchain platform is built on a robust scientific philosophy backed by extensive academic research and peer-reviewed studies. This scientific approach ensures that the technology is reliable, secure, and able to scale effectively. These qualities set Cardano apart from many other cryptocurrencies. That is why it is the best crypto to buy now. Cardano is available on eToro

ADA’s underlying blockchain protocol, Ouroboros, utilizes a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. These make ADA highly energy-efficient and sustainable compared to the energy-intensive proof-of-work systems used by other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Moreover, one of the co-founders of Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson, leads Cardano’s development team. Hoskinson’s expertise and experience have been crucial in Cardano’s impressive progress. The team’s commitment to transparency, regular updates, and constant improvements further solidify ADA’s position as a top-tier investment choice.

Cardano also has its focus on regulatory compliance. It works closely with governments and institutions to ensure legal compliance and avoid potential regulatory hurdles. This approach enhances ADA’s credibility and positions it favorably in an increasingly regulated cryptocurrency market.

Furthermore, Cardano has been making significant strides in expanding its ecosystem. Its smart contract functionality is implemented through the recent Alonzo upgrade. This quality opens up many possibilities for developers and businesses to build DApps on the Cardano platform. This expansion will attract more developers and users, fostering innovation and driving the demand for ADA.

Lastly, Cardano has gained considerable traction and recognition within the cryptocurrency community. Its growing user base and active community contribute to ADA’s widespread adoption and long-term potential. The Cardano Foundation, IOHK, and Emurgo are the three entities behind Cardano’s development and promotion. They have been fostering partnerships and collaborations to facilitate real-world use cases for ADA.

12. dYdX (DYDX)

dYdX has expanded its offerings by launching Perpetual Contracts and its Layer 2 solution. Perpetual Contracts allow users to trade perpetual swaps with up to 10x leverage, providing enhanced trading opportunities and potential profits.

The introduction of its Layer 2 solution aims to address the scalability challenges of the Ethereum network. The upgrade improves transaction speeds and reduces fees on the platform. dYdX’s statistics further highlight its growth and adoption. The platform’s total trading volume has surged, reaching impressive figures and reflecting increased user activity.

dYdX has experienced a substantial rise in active users, with a growing community contributing to its ecosystem. The platform’s liquidity has also experienced a notable increase, attracting more traders and institutional investors to the dYdX ecosystem.

Additionally, dYdX has consistently maintained a high level of security, implementing robust measures to safeguard user funds and protect against potential vulnerabilities. The platform’s decentralized governance model allows token holders to participate in decision-making, ensuring a democratic and community-driven approach.

dYdX’s commitment to innovation is evident through its continuous development of new features. It aims to provide users with cutting-edge tools and a seamless trading experience. Check out the best crypto to buy now on eToro.

13. Filecoin (FIL)

Filecoin’s unique decentralized storage network and strong market performance make it an intriguing investment option. It’s the best crypto to buy now, especially for investors looking to capitalize on the evolving landscape of digital storage.

Its decentralized storage platform allows users to rent unused hard drive space in exchange for FIL tokens. This component creates a distributed network of storage capacity, enabling users to store and retrieve data securely and efficiently. Using blockchain technology and cryptographic proofs, Filecoin ensures data integrity and reliability. It is the best crypto to buy now for individuals and organizations needing scalable and decentralized storage solutions.

Furthermore, Filecoin has witnessed substantial progress in its ecosystem. The project has successfully launched its mainnet, allowing users to participate actively in storage and retrieval operations. Additionally, Filecoin has established strategic partnerships with various entities, including technology companies, academic institutions, and enterprises. These collaborations enhance the adoption and utilization of Filecoin’s storage network, bringing more users and data into the ecosystem.

The total storage capacity within the Filecoin network has been steadily increasing, indicating growing interest and participation from storage providers. This expanding storage capacity demonstrates Filecoin’s scalability and ability to accommodate a wide range of data storage needs. Moreover, the data stored on the Filecoin network has been consistently rising. This growth affirms its relevance and utility in the digital storage domain.

From a market perspective, Filecoin has exhibited impressive performance. Its native token, FIL, has experienced notable price appreciation, reflecting the market’s recognition of the project’s value proposition. The growing demand for decentralized storage solutions and Filecoin’s unique offering has contributed to the token’s positive trajectory.

In addition to its technical strengths, Filecoin has garnered significant attention and support within the crypto community. Its development is backed by Protocol Labs, a highly respected and influential organization in the blockchain space. Filecoin is available on eToro.

14. DeeLance (DLANCE)

DeeLance integrates Web3 technology to create a cutting-edge freelance and recruitment platform for global collaboration. These components provide freelancers and clients with user-friendly features. The DeeLance ecosystem comprises three essential elements. 

It has a distinctive Web3-based recruitment platform and a novel Metaverse for connecting with buyers. An innovative marketplace for non-fungible tokens also grants users greater control over their work. Together, these components streamline the entire work process for freelancers. They meet freelancers’ needs in the digital realm and fulfill the desire for transparency and digital work ownership.

DeeLance differentiates itself by emphasizing digital work ownership. It allows freelancers to use their creations as they wish and safeguards intellectual property. Instant pay-outs in cryptocurrencies enable fast and secure payments, providing freelancers timely access to their funds.

Low fees on DeeLance ensure freelancers retain a more significant portion of profits, benefiting those starting to build their businesses. DeeLance fosters small communities within its metaverse, facilitating collaboration and networking among freelancers and clients for potential business opportunities.

Using Web3 and blockchain technology, DeeLance establishes a transparent and secure working environment, reducing fraud risks compared to traditional platforms. Through advanced algorithms, DeeLance matches the right freelancers with suitable clients, facilitating efficient connections through optimized search and discovery processes.

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