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Best Crypto to Buy Now May 17 – XRP, Enjin, The Sandbox


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Since the last best crypto to buy post yesterday, the global market cap for cryptocurrencies has reached $1.12 trillion. That signifies a 0.6% decrease in the past 24 hours. UK lawmakers are pushing for regulations in crypto trading, similar to gambling. That may be why Bitcoin is at a low of $26,500 today.

Market Cap Charts

Market Cap Charts

In this dynamic market, we present you with the top cryptocurrencies that deserve your attention and investment. They are the best crypto to buy now. Today, we highlight the most promising digital assets with tremendous growth and profitability potential.

The Best Crypto to Buy Today

It can be challenging to navigate the turbulent world of cryptocurrencies. However, we have created a list of the best crypto to buy now. These cryptocurrencies are some of the hottest projects in the crypto sector at the moment.

1. XRP (XRP)

Recently, there has been a growth in the adoption of XRP as a bridge currency for cross-border transactions. Financial institutions worldwide have recognized the potential of XRP’s fast and low-cost transactions, which can settle in seconds.

Furthermore, Ripple has expanded its partnerships with various banks and payment providers to enhance the efficiency of global remittances. The firm recently acquired crypto custody firm Metaco. By leveraging XRP’s blockchain technology, these collaborations aim to streamline international money transfers and eliminate the need for traditional intermediaries.

In terms of regulatory clarity, XRP has made significant strides. After facing legal challenges in the United States, Ripple recently settled with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This resolution has provided a more straightforward path for XRP’s future growth and has instilled confidence in the cryptocurrency community.

To further drive adoption, Ripple has also been focusing on developing new use cases for XRP. They have launched initiatives in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. The company is exploring leveraging XRP’s capabilities within smart contracts and lending platforms. These efforts aim to tap into the booming DeFi market and create additional utility for XRP.

Moreover, Ripple’s ongoing commitment to sustainability has garnered attention. They have actively pursued carbon-neutral initiatives to minimize the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining and transactions. XRP is available on eToro.

2. Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Enjin Coin emerges as the best crypto to buy now, offering numerous advantages that set it apart from its competitors. With its robust infrastructure and innovative features, ENJ has positioned itself as a game-changer in the digital asset industry.

Furthermore, Enjin Coin recently launched JumpNet. It is a high-speed bridge network designed to address scalability and cost issues of blockchain transactions. JumpNet enables instant, gas-free transactions for ENJ tokens, allowing users to move and trade assets efficiently. This development significantly improves the overall user experience and eliminates barriers to entry for gamers and developers.

In addition to these collaborations and technical advancements, Enjin Coin has continued to foster community engagement through its initiatives. The Enjin Wallet, a mobile cryptocurrency wallet, supports ENJ tokens and other popular cryptocurrencies. This user-friendly wallet provides a seamless experience for storing, managing, and trading digital assets. It further solidifies Enjin Coin’s position in the gaming industry.

Moreover, ENJ boasts a unique proposition by integrating blockchain technology into the gaming industry. As the world increasingly embraces VR and online gaming, ENJ provides a solution for creating, managing, and trading in-game assets. Using ENJ, gamers gain actual ownership of their virtual possessions, which can be freely sold within and outside the ecosystem. This revolutionary concept is poised to disrupt the gaming industry and unlock new opportunities for gamers and developers.

Additionally, ENJ’s team has proven expertise and a strong track record. The Enjin team has been actively involved in the gaming industry for over a decade. These experts have successfully developed a wide range of gaming-related products. Their experience and knowledge have positioned ENJ as a trusted and reputable cryptocurrency within the gaming community. This trait has attracted partnerships with significant players in the industry.

The introduction of the Efinity blockchain—an Ethereum scaling solution—addresses the scalability issues many blockchain networks face. With faster transaction speeds and reduced fees, ENJ becomes an even more viable option for gamers and investors.

One of the notable advancements for Enjin Coin is its integration with several high-profile gaming projects. For instance, it has partnered with Microsoft to develop Azure Heroes, a blockchain-based recognition program for Azure community members. This collaboration allows participants to earn exclusive digital badges backed by ENJ tokens, highlighting their contributions to the community.

Enjin Coin has also expanded its reach through collaborations with prominent game developers. They have partnered with Nifty Gateway, a leading digital art and collectibles marketplace, to create NFTs for notable game titles. This collaboration enables gamers to own and trade unique in-game assets with real-world value. Thus, Enjin Coin enhances the gaming experience and offers new monetization opportunities for developers. You can check out Enjin on eToro.

3. Swords of Blood (SWDTKN)

Swords of Blood combines hack-and-slash mechanics with the Polygon blockchain for a unique gaming experience. The game boasts stunning graphics, diverse gameplay modes, and PvP battles. The combat system is straightforward, allowing experienced RPG players to navigate easily. Personalization options include acquiring weapons and armor, crafting items, and forging weapons. PvP mode enables players to optimize their strategies against others.

The presale of Swords of Blood is experiencing tremendous success, even during its initial stage, having raised $1.27 million. This validates the project’s immense excitement – making it the best crypto to buy now. As stage 3 ends, the token’s price will be $0.080, further highlighting the game’s potential as a leading player-to-environment (P2E) competition in the market. Buyers can use USDT, USDC, ETH, and DAI to acquire the token. 

To participate in the presale, it is advised to act quickly. Investors purchasing SWDTKN tokens will receive rewards based on different tiers, each offering special incentives. The first tier provides early access to the beta version, while the highest level includes all lower-tier benefits and a custom-designed Sword of Blood by Ben Abbott. Additional classes offer virtual items and physical merchandise like a hoodie or a letter opener.

4. Litecoin (LTC)

LTC, a peer-to-peer digital currency founded by Charlie Lee, has gained attention due to its distinct features and active community. Litecoin implemented the MimbleWimble extension block regarding scalability, enhancing privacy, and reducing transaction fees. This development enables users to conduct confidential transactions with improved efficiency.

Moreover, Litecoin introduced the OmniLite protocol, allowing the creation of decentralized applications (dApps) on its blockchain. This expansion broadens the scope of utility for LTC and encourages innovation within its ecosystem.

Litecoin has integrated with other blockchain networks through cross-chain bridges to enhance interoperability. This collaboration enables seamless communication and facilitates the transfer of assets across different platforms.

It has also made progress in adoption and accessibility. Litecoin has been added to various payment platforms and exchanges, widening its user base and liquidity. Furthermore, the integration of Litecoin into mainstream payment processors and digital wallets has made it more convenient for users to transact with LTC.

Additionally, the Litecoin Foundation has actively promoted education and adoption. It has organized events, conducted outreach programs, and collaborated with industry partners to raise awareness about Litecoin and its benefits.

Litecoin’s recent developments have garnered attention from investors and enthusiasts alike. The cryptocurrency’s solid technological advancements, improved scalability, and growing ecosystem indicate a promising future for LTC.

As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, Litecoin remains at the forefront, adapting and innovating to meet the needs of its users. With its recent developments, Litecoin demonstrates its commitment to remaining a significant player in the digital currency realm. It is the best crypto to buy now. Litecoin is listed on eToro.

5. The Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox is the best crypto to buy now due to its compelling features and immense growth potential. With its active ecosystem and promising advancements, SAND outshines other digital assets, making it an enticing investment opportunity.

One of the reasons why SAND reigns supreme is its vibrant and thriving community. The Sandbox has garnered a dedicated following of passionate enthusiasts and developers who actively contribute to its ecosystem. This engaged community fosters constant innovation and ensures the platform’s continuous evolution, driving SAND’s value to new heights.

Furthermore, SAND’s underlying technology is revolutionary. The Sandbox is a decentralized, blockchain-based gaming platform that empowers users to create, own, and monetize virtual experiences and assets. By leveraging NFTs, users can build valuable virtual assets that can be traded within the platform or on external marketplaces. This groundbreaking concept presents many possibilities as the demand for virtual worlds and NFTs continues to surge.

The Sandbox has already achieved notable milestones. It has forged partnerships with renowned brands such as Atari, Square Enix, and The Smurfs, to name a few. These collaborations demonstrate the platform’s credibility and open doors for endless opportunities to create virtual experiences featuring beloved intellectual properties. As more prominent brands recognize the value of blockchain gaming and NFTs, SAND’s relevance and value are set to skyrocket. Check out the best crypto to buy now on eToro.

6.Decentraland (MANA)


Decentraland is an innovative cryptocurrency currently making waves in the market. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, this digital asset is designed to power the Decentraland virtual world. There are several reasons why Decentraland (MANA) is the best crypto to buy now.

First and foremost, Decentraland has a solid and active community of developers and users. This community is constantly working to improve the platform and add new features. As a result, the value of MANA has been steadily increasing over the past few years. It is, therefore, an attractive investment option.

Secondly, Decentraland is an excellent example of how blockchain technology can create immersive virtual worlds. The Decentraland platform allows users to buy, sell, and develop virtual real estate and create and trade digital assets. This quality opens up a new world of possibilities for gamers, developers, and investors alike.

Furthermore, Decentraland is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It benefits from the security and stability of the Ethereum network. This feature makes it a reliable and safe investment option for diversifying their portfolio.

Another reason why Decentraland (MANA) is the best crypto to buy now is because of its limited supply. Currently, 2.6 billion MANA tokens are circulating, and no more will be created. This means that as the demand for MANA grows, the value of each token will increase. Decentraland is available on eToro.

7. Synthetix (SNX)

Synthetix is an innovative and cutting-edge cryptocurrency that offers unique advantages over other digital assets. This unique trait makes Synthetix the best crypto to buy now. SNX is a decentralized platform built on Ethereum. It allows users to create and trade synthetic assets, digital representations of real-world assets such as stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. 

Synthetix has a solid and proven track record of growth. Over the past year, the value of SNX has skyrocketed by more than 800%. This development makes it one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies in the market. This impressive growth can be attributed to the growing demand for synthetic assets, which SNX provides through its decentralized platform.

Another advantage of SNX is its deflationary nature. The total supply of SNX is fixed at 100 million tokens. As users trade synthetic assets on the platform, a portion of the trading fees is used to buy back and burn SNX tokens. This process reduces the overall supply and creates a scarcity of SNX tokens, which drives up the remaining tokens’ value.

Furthermore, SNX offers its users a high level of transparency and security. The platform is built on Ethereum, a well-established blockchain network known for its robust security features. Additionally, SNX is fully auditable, with all trading activity and token holdings viewable on the blockchain. This makes SNX a trustworthy and reliable platform for investors looking to trade synthetic assets.

Finally, SNX has a strong community of developers and supporters actively working to improve the platform and expand its capabilities. The team behind SNX is dedicated to building a decentralized ecosystem that can disrupt traditional finance and create new opportunities for investors. Synthetix is listed on eToro.

8. Neo (NEO)


Neo has gained significant traction due to its advanced blockchain technology and innovative features. Its platform supports smart contracts, similar to Ethereum, but with distinct advantages. Neo employs a dual-token system comprising NEO and GAS, offering additional benefits to its holders. NEO holders can participate in network governance, voting, and earning dividends through GAS tokens to pay transaction fees. This dynamic encourages active participation and creates a vibrant ecosystem.

The project has been developing partnerships and collaborations with various industries and governments. This strategic approach has positioned Neo as a blockchain platform with real-world use cases. For instance, Neo has joined forces with leading companies and organizations in the finance, supply chain, and healthcare sectors. These partnerships leverage Neo’s technology to improve various domains’ efficiency, transparency, and security. They open up new avenues for adopting blockchain solutions.

Additionally, Neo has been focused on enhancing scalability and interoperability. It introduced the Neo3 upgrade, which promises significant improvements in performance and throughput. Neo3 aims to provide a seamless experience for developers. This service enables them to efficiently build dApps while ensuring high transaction speeds and low fees. The upgrade facilitates interoperability with other blockchains, allowing Neo to collaborate and exchange assets with different networks, fostering cross-chain functionality. You can check out NEO on eToro.

9. Stacks (STX)

Stacks has been making significant strides recently, showcasing exciting developments and advancements. The project, known for its unique approach to blockchain technology, has garnered attention and support from various sectors.

One notable recent development is the launch of the Stacks 2.0 blockchain protocol. It has brought forth a range of new features and possibilities. This upgrade allows developers to build Apps on top of Bitcoin, expanding the capabilities of the world’s most well-known cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, Stacks has made substantial progress in fostering a vibrant ecosystem. The project has seen a surge in developers and contributors, resulting in various innovative dApps being built on the platform. These applications cover multiple areas, such as finance, gaming, and decentralized social networks.

Additionally, Stacks has proactively established partnerships and collaborations with prominent organizations. The project aims to enhance its ecosystem further and drive adoption by joining forces with industry leaders. These collaborations have led to exciting projects, including integrating Stacks with existing platforms and exploring new use cases.

Moreover, Stacks has actively promoted DeFi through its native token, STX. The token serves as the fuel for the Stacks blockchain and enables various functionalities within the ecosystem. STX has gained traction among users and investors, experiencing increased demand and liquidity.

10. OKB (OKB)

The platform has actively expanded its ecosystem, fostering innovation and enhancing user experience. OKB has integrated new partnerships and bolstered its reach and utility. Collaborations with renowned companies have enabled OKB to tap into diverse industries and explore novel use cases.

Moreover, OKB has prioritized the improvement of its technological infrastructure. By implementing cutting-edge blockchain solutions, the platform has enhanced security, scalability, and transaction speeds, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

Regarding user-centric developments, OKB has launched several user-friendly features and tools. These additions enable users to easily manage their funds, access real-time market data, and execute trades efficiently. The platform’s intuitive interface caters to novice and experienced traders, promoting inclusivity within the crypto community.

Additionally, OKB has actively engaged in community-building initiatives, fostering a vibrant ecosystem. The platform has launched educational programs, webinars, and events to promote awareness of cryptocurrencies, attracting more users to its network.

OKB’s commitment to regulatory compliance has also been a significant focus. The platform has proactively collaborated with regulatory bodies to ensure adherence to legal frameworks. This action fosters trust and credibility among users and investors.

Furthermore, OKB has expanded its global presence by listing on multiple exchanges worldwide. This strategic move has widened its accessibility, enabling a broader user base to participate in the OKB ecosystem. All in all, OKB is the best crypto to buy now

11. EOS (EOS)

EOS has recently witnessed significant advancements, fostering its growth and expanding its capabilities. With a focus on revolutionizing decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts, EOS has introduced several noteworthy developments.

One notable achievement is the launch of the EOSIO software protocol, enabling developers to create scalable and high-performance dApps. This innovative protocol empowers developers with the tools and resources to build robust applications for various industries.

Moreover, EOS has implemented a resource allocation mechanism called Resource Exchange. REX allows users to lease their unused EOS tokens to other participants in the network. It, therefore, optimizes resource utilization and enhances overall efficiency.

EOS has embraced the Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) consensus to enhance security and ensure the integrity of the network. This consensus mechanism enables fast and reliable transaction processing, minimizing the risk of malicious attacks.

EOS has also made significant progress in fostering interoperability with other blockchain networks. Through projects like the EOSIO Strategic Vision, the platform aims to facilitate seamless communication and data sharing between blockchain ecosystems.

Furthermore, EOS has actively supported the development of DeFi applications. By leveraging its scalable infrastructure and smart contract capabilities, EOS has facilitated the creation of various DeFi platforms. This integration enables users to engage in lending, borrowing, and yield farming activities.

In addition to technological advancements, EOS has expanded its partnerships and collaborations with industry-leading organizations. These strategic alliances have accelerated the adoption of EOS and fostered the growth of its ecosystem.

12. Klaytn (KLAY)

Klaytn is a blockchain platform developed by Ground X, a subsidiary of the leading South Korean internet company, Kakao. With its mainnet launched in June 2019, Klaytn has made significant strides in recent years. It contributes to the advancement of dApps and blockchain technology.

One of the notable recent developments for Klaytn is its growing ecosystem of dApps. Klaytn has attracted numerous developers and businesses to build on its platform, fostering a vibrant community. The Klaytn platform offers user-friendly tools and resources, making it accessible for developers to create and deploy their dApps. The increasing number of dApps on Klaytn is a testament to its scalability and performance. It can handle high transaction volumes while maintaining low latency.

Furthermore, Klaytn has been actively pursuing partnerships and collaborations with various industry leaders. It has established strategic alliances with notable companies such as LG Electronics, Union Bank of the Philippines, and LG CNS. These partnerships have integrated Klaytn’s blockchain technology into different sectors, including finance and gaming, expanding its real-world utility.

In addition, Klaytn has launched its native digital asset, KLAY, which serves as the platform’s utility token. KLAY is crucial in facilitating transactions, participating in consensus mechanisms, and incentivizing participants within the Klaytn ecosystem. The token has gained traction and has been listed on several major cryptocurrency exchanges, enhancing its liquidity and accessibility.

Klaytn has also made significant strides in its global expansion efforts. It has actively engaged in community-building and marketing activities worldwide, focusing on key regions –  Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Klaytn aims to create a global network of blockchain-enabled services and applications by promoting partnerships with local companies.

13. RobotEra (TARO)

The exciting and unique gameplay of RobotEra has the potential to become a viral sensation. Developers aim to achieve this by allowing players to create their robot non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for interaction within the sci-fi-themed RobotEra metaverse. Players can buy/sell land using TARO and in-game NFTs like robots and items. Players can develop their land without coding skills, thanks to RobotEra’s simple in-game building tools. They can also compete in games to earn TARO and attract real-world businesses and brands to the metaverse. Creators can interact with fans by creating and trading digital assets, while the metaverse becomes a gathering space for different communities.

Investors eagerly seize the opportunity to acquire heavily discounted pre-sale tokens, anticipating the emergence of the next viral crypto metaverse sensation. The presale of TARO tokens for the robot/planet-rebuilding metaverse game, RobotEra, has already amassed $1.25 million worth of USDT. 

RobotEra, which has been generating significant buzz in the crypto gaming/metaverse realm since its official launch a few months ago, is currently offering tokens at a presumed substantial discount of just 0.023 USDT. However, the pre-sale will soon progress to stage 3, raising the token price to 0.025 USDT. Shortly, RobotEra intends to initiate the sale of NFT robots for players to utilize within its metaverse. Investors already acquiring TARO tokens are encouraged to stay tuned for updates.

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