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Best Crypto to Buy Now May 14 – Litecoin, Dash, DeeLance


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Today, the global market cap for cryptocurrencies has increased by 0.65% ($1.13 trillion) since our best crypto to buy post from yesterday.

Investors must stay informed about the latest developments as the cryptocurrency market experiences fluctuations and surges. By closely monitoring leading coins, investors can seize the chance to optimize their investments and potentially reap significant returns. With careful analysis and expert predictions, this article outlines the top cryptocurrencies showing promising indicators. It is a valuable resource of the best crypto to buy now for individuals looking to make informed investment decisions.

Market Cap Chart

Market Cap Chart. Source: CoinMarketCap.

Best Crypto to Buy Now 

By examining the market dynamics and intrinsic qualities of these digital assets, this is a list of the best crypto to buy now for May 14. Readers can make well-informed investment decisions and confidently navigate the thrilling realm of cryptocurrencies.

1. Litecoin (LTC)


Litecoin is a popular cryptocurrency that plays a significant role in the digital currency market. Created by Charlie Lee, a former Google engineer, Litecoin was introduced in 2011 as a “lite” version of Bitcoin. Litecoin aims to address some of the limitations of its predecessor.

One of the notable features of Litecoin is its faster block generation time. While Bitcoin takes around 10 minutes to generate a new block, Litecoin accomplishes this in approximately 2.5 minutes. This faster block time allows quicker transaction confirmations, making Litecoin more efficient for everyday transactions.

Regarding its technology, Litecoin utilizes a different hashing algorithm called Scrypt. This algorithm is considered more memory-intensive than Bitcoin’s SHA-256, enabling Litecoin to be mined using consumer-grade hardware. As a result, Litecoin mining is more accessible to individuals, fostering a broader and more decentralized network.

Moreover, Litecoin has implemented several technical improvements over time. One such improvement is the implementation of Segregated Witness (SegWit) in 2017, which increased transaction capacity and improved scalability. Another notable upgrade is the introduction of the Lightning Network. It is a second-layer protocol that facilitates faster and cheaper transactions by leveraging off-chain channels.

As a result of its growing adoption, Litecoin has established itself as one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the market. It has a substantial market capitalization and a loyal community of users and developers actively supporting its development. Litecoin is one of the most established cryptocurrencies in the market. Litecoin is the best crypto to buy now if you are a long-term investor. It is available on eToro.

2. DeeLance (DLANCE)

This crypto project is for freelancers constantly seeking new and improved employment opportunities. By creating innovative and original digital realms, DeeLance aims to enhance the efficiency and value of business activities in freelancing.

DeeLance is a decentralized platform that empowers freelancers to access lucrative freelance work. The platform establishes a fair and open ecosystem where freelancers can showcase their services as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), ensuring equity. By exhibiting their work, freelancers can easily connect with recruiters in search of talent, bridging the gap between employers and freelancers within the metaverse.

The Web3 freelancing platform is designed to give every freelancer an equal opportunity to secure jobs. To deliver remarkable features such as speed, transparency, and fairness, DeeLance charges a 2% fee for clients and a 10% fee for freelancers. These fees are lower than those imposed by major freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.

You can acquire $DLANCE using ETH, USDT, or a credit card on the website. The current value of $DLANCE is $0.033 USDT. Currently, the platform has generated  853,317.77 out of its $1,200,000 target. The token is expected to launch at $0.057.

3. Milady Meme Coin (LADYS)

As at May 14 2023, the price of Milady Meme Coin is $0.0000001124, and traders have exchanged a total of $77,664,906 worth of this cryptocurrency within the past 24 hours. Over the last day, the value of Milady Meme Coin has increased by 34.3%. The current market capitalization of Milady Meme Coin stands at $80,763,283. The circulating supply of LADYS coins is 734,366,023,232,083, and the maximum supply is set at 888,000,888,000,888 LADYS coins.

The liquidity pool (LP) received 94% of the tokens, which were subsequently sent. The LP tokens underwent burning, and the contract has been renounced. 1% of the supply was airdropped to all holders of $PEPE and Milady NFTs. A multi-sig wallet holds the remaining 5% of the supply, exclusively designated for future utilization as tokens in centralized exchange listings, bridges, and liquidity pools.

Today, a Binance user purchased 3.26 trillion LADYS in 5 hours. Investors are climbing on the Milady train after Elon Musk tweeted about it. In this season of meme coins, you should consider investing in projects like $LADYS and $PEPE.

4. Bitcoin SV (BSV)

Bitcoin SV (BSV) is a cryptocurrency that emerged from a hard fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in 2018. This crypto has made significant strides in the digital currency market. It emphasizes scalability, stability, and adherence to the original Bitcoin protocol. BSV aims to provide a robust platform for global transactions and decentralized applications.

One of the key features of Bitcoin SV is its increased block size limit. By scaling the block size to 128MB, compared to Bitcoin’s 1MB limit, BSV can handle more transactions per second. This scalability is essential for the cryptocurrency to become a practical payment solution on a global scale.

Furthermore, Bitcoin SV places great importance on stability and security. By maintaining the original Bitcoin protocol, BSV seeks to preserve the fundamental principles of decentralization and immutability. This approach ensures that the blockchain remains resistant to censorship and manipulation. Hence, users have a secure and reliable transaction platform.

The BSV community actively contributes to the growth and development of the cryptocurrency. With a strong focus on collaboration and innovation, developers are constantly improving the technology behind Bitcoin SV. These updates include advancements in smart contracts, tokenization, and interoperability. They aim to expand the potential use cases of BSV and attract more users and businesses to the ecosystem.

The current price of Bitcoin SV is $36.09, and traders have exchanged $77,725,626 worth of Bitcoin SV in the past 24 hours. Over this period, Bitcoin SV has experienced a 5% increase. Experts believe that, after a 10% weekly gain, BSV is on its way to hitting the $40 bar. If you want to climb on projects with an upward trend, BSV is the best crypto to buy now.



TRON aims to create a decentralized internet where content creators directly control their work. Users can access and interact with content freely with its active and vibrant ecosystem.

It serves as the primary medium of exchange within the TRON ecosystem, facilitating transactions and incentivizing content creation. It enables seamless and efficient transfers of value between users, content creators, and developers. With its high scalability and fast transaction speeds, TRON empowers users to engage in frictionless transactions across the platform.

By leveraging blockchain technology, TRON ensures that no single entity has absolute control over the network. This decentralized approach fosters participant transparency, security, and trust, promoting a fair and open digital environment.

In addition to its role as a digital currency, TRON serves as a governance token, allowing holders to participate in the TRON network’s decision-making process actively. Token holders can vote on proposals and protocol upgrades, shaping the platform’s future development. This democratic governance structure empowers the TRON community and promotes collective decision-making.

TRON’s extensive use cases extend beyond simple transactions. It is a fundamental component for powering decentralized applications (DApps) built on the TRON blockchain. Developers can utilize TRON’s smart contract capabilities to create innovative and interactive applications, ranging from gaming and entertainment to finance and social media.

Furthermore, TRON supports the issuance of custom tokens, enabling projects to launch their digital assets on the TRON blockchain. This feature opens up possibilities for crowdfunding, tokenization of assets, and building unique ecosystems within the TRON network.

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, revealed that he would begin trading meme coins and other projects with potential with his public address. With the update, TRON is the best crypto to buy now. The crypto is currently worth $0.06928 with a trading volume of $151 million. Tron is available on eToro.

6. Dash (DASH)

Dash, or Digital Cash, is a decentralized digital currency operating on a peer-to-peer network. It was launched in 2014 to improve the shortcomings of other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Dash aims to provide a more user-friendly and efficient payment system, making it suitable for everyday transactions.

One of the key features of Dash is its focus on privacy. It utilizes a technology called PrivateSend, which allows users to obfuscate the transaction history and the sender’s identity. This feature ensures that transactions conducted on the Dash network remain confidential and cannot be easily traced back to individuals.

Another notable feature of Dash is its fast transaction confirmation time. Through InstantSend, Dash transactions can be confirmed and settled within seconds. This system enables users to make quick and secure transactions, enhancing its practicality for everyday use.

Dash also operates on a two-tier network architecture consisting of miners and master nodes. Miners perform the computational work to secure the network and validate transactions, while master nodes provide additional services such as PrivateSend and InstantSend. Masternode operators are rewarded for contributing to the network, incentivizing them to maintain a reliable and secure infrastructure.

Dash employs a self-funding model to ensure the network’s stability and longevity. A portion of the block rewards the miners generate is allocated to a decentralized treasury. The funds in the treasury are then used to finance development projects, marketing initiatives, and community proposals. This self-funding mechanism enables Dash to maintain a vibrant ecosystem and adapt to the evolving needs of its users.

Dash has gained popularity and adoption in various industries and regions worldwide. Both online and offline, merchants have started accepting Dash as a form of payment, expanding its usability as a currency. Furthermore, Dash has partnered with payment processors and service providers to facilitate easy integration into existing financial systems. You can check out Dash on eToro.

7. Launchpad XYZ (LPX)

Launchpad XYZ is a comprehensive hub for all things Web3, offering crypto investors a wide range of essential tools, enabling them to navigate the Web3 landscape effectively. The platform empowers investors with trading analytics, news, alpha, and strategy insights. By providing these resources, Launchpad XYZ assists investors in making well-informed investment decisions. The platform’s innovative dashboard grants users access to exclusive market data, crucial details, market sentiment, news related to numerous cryptocurrencies, and opportunities to participate in presales of new cryptocurrencies. By consolidating the entire Web3 space into a user-friendly platform, Launchpad XYZ has the potential to become a significant force in the industry.

The backbone of Launchpad XYZ lies in its valuable token, $LPX, which serves as the primary currency and catalyst for all platform activities, including play-to-earn games, NFT rewards, and more. 

The token presale is currently offering 1 $LPX for $0.0445. The presale has garnered $396,113 in funds raised within a short period. The presale is expected to raise millions of dollars by the final stage. Launchpad XYZ is the best crypto to buy now for people looking to invest in budding yet promising projects.

8. Rocket Pool (RPL)

Rocket Pool is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency making waves in the blockchain industry. It has quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach to DeFi and its unique offering of staking services.

One of the standout features of Rocket Pool is its decentralized network of node operators. Unlike traditional proof-of-stake (PoS) systems, where users must run their nodes and maintain minimum staking amounts, Rocket Pool allows users to pool their resources. Individuals with smaller staking amounts can still participate in the network and earn rewards. The platform achieves this through its Smart Node Contract, which efficiently manages the pooled resources and distributes rewards based on each user’s contribution.

Rocket Pool’s dynamic development team has been tirelessly working to improve the platform’s functionality and security. They have implemented several cutting-edge technologies, such as Casper the Friendly Finality Gadget (FFG), which enhances the security and efficiency of the PoS consensus algorithm. The team is also actively researching and implementing solutions to address scalability challenges, ensuring that the Rocket Pool network can handle increased transaction volumes without compromising speed or security.

Another noteworthy aspect of Rocket Pool is its user-friendly interface. The platform provides an intuitive dashboard allowing users to easily navigate the staking process, track their earnings, and manage their staked assets. This accessibility has attracted a wide range of users, from experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts to newcomers looking to enter the world of DeFi.

Rocket Pool’s native token, RPL, plays a crucial role within the ecosystem. It fuels the platform, enabling users to stake their assets and participate in the network. Additionally, RPL holders are entitled to various benefits, including governance rights and a share of the platform’s revenue.

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