The Power of Dissent

There’s a lot of FUD and confusion out there in crypto markets right now so I’d like to clarify. Today’s headline is as follows… As we […]

Face Slap

Bitcoin has now held above the critical level of $8,000 for more than 40 hours, a clear testament that this recent rally could actually be sustainable and […]

Mixed Feelings

Yesterday we saw a clear break above the key psychological level of $8,000 per bitcoin. Now the question on everyone’s mind is where did this […]

Now That’s Sharp

Everything that you will ever do comes with a certain amount of risk and sometimes we can actually measure the level of risk and more […]

Flight to Quality

The crypto market is usually fairly disconnected from the day-to-day activities of central banks. Usually… Last night we got a taste of what can happen when […]

Bankers & Politicians

Today is the day. Out of all the meetups, conferences, and hearings that we’ve seen regarding the future of money over the last year, IMHO […]

DJ King Crypto Banker

If you’re reading this, you probably agree that the old school financial industry is in need of a shakeup. It seems that Goldman Sachs agrees. This hit track is […]

The King is a Fink

It’s true, I’ve always enjoyed reading the paper. When I was younger I used to track the price of gold daily in my grandfather’s copy […]

Slowly but Surely

In a country that has seen an estimated 99% devaluation of their currency over the last year, even $1 is seen as a lot of […]