Run Bank Run

As we know, a number of French cities have been the scene of protest recently. The protesters, distinguished by their yellow vests, have been increasingly […]

Digital Reserves

Last night we saw a potentially groundbreaking headline… Unfortunately, this is not an official statement from the Russian Federation itself but from an economist named Vladislav […]

State of Emergency

The year has started with a bang!  Stocks and cryptos are rallying strongly so far yet volatility is still really high. This afternoon, we’ll have […]

Full Strength

As we’ve been discussing lately, the crypto industry is growing at a rapid clip. Last week, we put out a poll on Twitter to see how crypto […]

Tesla Coin

One of the biggest innovations of bitcoin is the invention of a blockchain that allows us to transfer something of value across the internet, without […]

Digital Diehards

Exactly 10 years ago today Satoshi Nakamoto set in motion his plan to create a new form of money that is independent of any government […]

Has Crypto Grown in 2018?

So it seems, the two worlds of crypto and global politics have finally collided. Over the last 24 hours, I have seen several crypto analysts […]

Spin Copper Into Gold

What a comeback! Yesterday, the US stock market experienced what can only be described as a face-ripping rally.  One trading day after the US indices […]