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It goes without saying here that we’ve got plenty of content covering bitcoin’s ins, outs, and everything in between. And when it comes to traditional, centralized currencies most people are used to, bitcoin is definitely out of the ordinary. But is that a negative? What about other strange currencies used throughout history and even the present day? Once you’re done reading this, bitcoin may not seem like the only oddball after all.

Micronesian Rai Source: via Tropical.Pete/Flickr

The history of one of Micronesia’s island states, Yap, includes the use of rai stones as currency. Rai stones are large circular limestone disks that vary in size, with the largest being around 12’ in diameter and 1.5’ thick. Extremely durable and resilient to counterfeiting, they gain their value from their size, weight, and history. We should also mention a stone of this size will weigh about 8,800 pounds. Not exactly a convenient fit for your wallet, right? Thankfully, transferring ownership of these massive coins is through a shared ledger of vocal exchange and doesn’t require moving them. Whew.

Edible Currencies? Source: Business Insider / Reuters

Nowadays we’ve got currencies that are widely accepted from region to region, which are also

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