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Alec Baldwin Lends His Charm to eToro’s CopyTrader Feature 

alec baldwin
alec baldwin

Alec Baldwin has been one of the most entertaining and slightly controversial actors in Hollywood for quite a while now. Whether it is his brilliant satirical portrayal of U.S. President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live or his rather unconventional list of acting credits, this man knows how to grab headlines for sure. 

Now, the three-time Emmy award winner is making a move into the cryptocurrency space, as he has been tapped by crypto social trading and brokerage firm eToro to help sell the latter’s CopyTrader feature to prospective users. 


CopyTrader was launched by eToro as a means of allowing users to copy the moves of some of the industry’s top securities traders. So, when the top traders win (Or otherwise), CopyTrader users are able to expect the same scenario. Appearing as a celebrity spokesperson for the innovative product, Baldwin, who is also known to have several acting and promotional credits under his belt, has appeared in a video ad for CopyTrader, just a few days after it was announced that the feature has rolled out0 to users in the United States. 

“Now maybe you’re thinking, but I’m just a food blogger, I can’t do this trading stuff on my own… Just find a top investor on eToro… and hit copy. From now on, whenever they make a trade, you make the same trade automatically,” he says in the 90-second long video. 

The Baldwins love Bitcoin

It is worth pointing out that this isn’t the first time that one of the Baldwins would be connected with crypto. Back in 2017, Stephen Baldwin, Alec’s younger brother, appeared on a segment of FOX Business where he spoke on cryptocurrencies and why he sees them as a great opportunity. 

Sporting a shirt with the DASH logo on it, the 51 year-old actor and producer said,

“Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash digital cash, companies like Ethereum, and a really good company I just connected with called BlockApps – these are the companies that are really trying to educate the consumer the difference between what’s happening in blockchain as a technology and then crypto as an opportunity to invest.” 

He added a prediction that the top crypto assets would go up over time, and while he admitted that there would be some risks, he still encouraged making investments nonetheless.

In addition to that, Alec himself is set to appear in Lamborghini: The Legend, an upcoming movie about the popular automobile company and its founder. Baldwin is set to star as Enzo Ferrari in what is set to be the first high-profile movie to be backed by blockchain. The 2020 biopic will also be co-financed by TaTaTu, a company whose Initial Coin Offering (ICO) raised a gobsmacking $575 million in 2018.

Sadly, however, the prospects of that financing might have been shattered, as the TaTaTu token has lost a significant portion of its value. Still, Alec is more than willing to support the crypto space nonetheless.

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