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Since bitcoin first emerged in 2008, it’s grown from a niche hobby explored mainly by computer scientists, cryptographers, and libertarians, into an entire genre of study at formal institutions and online education portals. Whether you’re starting from scratch or you’re a seasoned pro, everyone has a preferred learning style. To help you find your best fit, we scoured the web and hand-picked a diverse collection of online resources.

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Our pick: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Technologies
Course Length: 11 Weeks
Cost: Free
What you get: A taste of interacting with bitcoin through code

Skills and expertise in bitcoin and block chain technology can be hard to come by, but their demand is on the rise. If you’re a programmer or entrepreneur who is interested in taking a technical first step towards a career in bitcoin, Princeton University offers a free MOOC (that’s Massive Open Online Course) through Coursera, which may give you the initial edge you need. The course lecturer, Assistant Professor Arvind Narayanan, says that anyone without a programming background will still gain a lot even if they don’t complete assignments.

Pros: Along with hands-on experience, the course has an

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